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Embeddium/Rubidium Dynamic Lights



An unofficial Forge port of LambDynamicLights, tuned to work with Magnesium or Rubidium (Forge Sodium). 


You will want Magnesium/Rubidium Extras. While this mod will work without it, there is a performance bug in Forge that is fixed by Magnesium Extras.



There are other dynamic lighting mods (besides Optifine), but they are all either incompatible with Sodium (Lucent), or extremely laggy ("Dynamic Lights"). LambDynamicLights adds a simple layer in between Minecraft's native chunk lighting system, making it highly compatible with other mods. 


I have added integrations with Sodium's config settings, so you will find the Dynamic Lights options underneath the "Experimental" tab. These will sync to the main config file, dynamic_lights_reforged.toml. This port is in parity with the Fabric mod (technically better since I backported some optimizations), though only on 1.16 for the time being. I will port to 1.18 at some point, once it's more stable for modding.


This mod doesn't technically require Magnesium to run, and should work fine without it, but it's marked as a dependency on Curse because there's no point running it without it---OptiFine already has dynamic lighting that works the same, and you shouldn't run modded MC without one of them.


Pairs nicely with Total Darkness and Custom Skyboxes for the best nighttime experience



Check it out in the video from the original author, LambdAurora:


 Please do not send Github Issues to the original Fabric maintainer.



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