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Epic Knights: Shields, Armor and Weapons [Fabric & Forge]

This mod aims to make the player feel like a medieval knight. At the moment, the modification contains a lot of new banner patterns, 15 sets of armor, 8 types of shields and 26 types of weapons, most of which can be made from 11 available materials: wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, netherite, steel (new), copper, silver, tin, bronze.These weapons have special features like increased range and armor piercing. Also this mod adds steel to the game, which will not conflict with steel from other modifications. To craft steel, put an iron ingot in a blast furnace. On the latest version you can apply a banner on armor and horse armor (just like on a shield) and dye some types of armor. Configs are in the config/magistuarmory folder.

More medieval stuff:
Epic Knights: Addon

Epic Knights: Slavic Armory

IMPORTANT: Optifine 1.20.x is not supported! Since 7.0 version the mod requires Architectury and Cloth Config to be installed.Discord Button


Better Combat:
1.18.2+: Preset support.

Epic Fight:
Epic Knights: Armor and Weapons is ideally combined with Epic Fight Mod on 1.20.1 version. To configure the Epic Fight Mod do the following:

1.12.2: Download epicfight.cfg from Discord server and put it into the configs folder.

1.16.5+: Download the datapack archieve from Discord server, unpack it and follow this tutorial: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials/Installing_a_data_pack.


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 Report me any bugs you found !!!
 Yes, you can use it for modpacks published on curseforge