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CurseForge screwed up the formatting of this page. Sorry everyone. I'm working on an alternative.

Keyboard Wizard is a mod helps with solving key conflicts and finding unbound keys. It adds an "extra" controls gui that displays an interactive keyboard in the center.



Keyboard Wizard can be opened by pressing F7 or clicking the added button in the controls gui (which can be removed in the config if desired).

When you open the gui you will see list of keybindings on the left, and a colored keyboard on the right.

  • White keys are unbound
  • Green keys have only one binding
  • Red keys have more than one binding

Click a key (or the mouse button) to set the binding selected on the left to the key clicked plus the active modifier (see below).

Press the All Bindings button to select the category that will be displayed in the binding list.

Press the Active Modifier button to select the Forge key modifier (control, alt, or shift) that will be applied to newly set bindings.

The binding list on the left can be filtered by binding name using the search box underneath it. You can also filter by key name by typing @ without the brackets. Shift click a key to auto-populate the search bar with the key name.


I am currently working on updating keyboard wizard to Minecraft version 1.16. I would greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to submit pull requests over on my GitHub page. The current code is working, but undocumented.

My way of going about this update is a little convoluted, but it's the best way I could come up with. Forge, from my perspective as relative outsider to the mod community, is currently a mess. To be clear, I am not throwing shade at the Forge team. I appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears they put into making Minecraft modding what it is today, and I wouldn't have made this mod without their work. That said, the obfuscated parameter names in the official Mojang mappings, the discontinuing of what once were the MCP mappings has made it very hard for me to re-learn how to make mods. Luckily, keyboard wizard hardly ever interacted with Forge in the first place. For those reasons, I am doing all current development in Fabric. After I get a working prototype, I will port to Forge (which should, I think, be relatively easy).

Latest Development Progress and Screenshot

I've completed the rendering code for the keyboard and the binding list. Both react to mouse input correctly. Next up will be adding the core feature of keyboard wizard, the abliity to change keybindngs at the click of a button.

Screenshot date: 1/12/2022


If you have and issue or find a bug, please post a mod list, relevant logs, and steps to reproduce on GitHub.


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