Keyboard Wizard

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Keyboard Wizard is a mod helps with solving key conflicts and finding unbound keys. It adds an "extra" controls gui that displays an interactive keyboard in the center.

Screenshots (from version 2.0.1)

The vanilla controls GUI changed a tad in 1.17 and beyond. The keyboard wizard button is on the root "controls" screen for those versions, NOT the "key bindings" screen.



Keyboard Wizard can be opened by pressing F7 or clicking the added button in the controls gui (in the middle on 1.12 and in the bottom right in 1.16.5 and later).

When you open the gui you will see list of keybindings on the left, and a colored keyboard on the right.

  • White keys are unbound
  • Green keys have only one binding
  • Red keys have more than one binding

Click a key (or the mouse button) to set the binding selected in the list to that key.

Press the All Bindings button to select the category that will be displayed in the binding list.

The binding list can be filtered by typing binding names in the search bar below it. It can also be filtered by key name by surrounding the key name in angle brackets, e.g. <Left Control>. Shift click a key to auto-populate the search bar with the key name.

Differences in the 1.12.2 Version

Press the Active Modifier button to select the Forge key modifier (control, alt, or shift) that will be applied to newly set bindings.

Instead of typing the key name in angle brackets, you can search by key name by starting your search with the @ character.

There is a config file that allows some tweaking of how things work, such as removing the added button in the controls gui.


1.17 and Beyond

Keyboard Wizard versions for Forge 1.17.1 and 1.18.2 are finally available. No matter how much I despise developing for Forge, I shall not stop. It supports too many cool mods.



Thanks to CurseForge user mikhailtapio, Keyboard Wizard has been ported to Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.9!

Keyboard Wizard: Legacy Homepage

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with this project or its maintenance. Please do not post issues for mikhailtapio's legacy version here or on my GitHub.



Yes! You can certainly use Keyboard Wizard in your modpack. Large modpacks are what it was made for :)



If you have and issue or find a bug, please post a mod list, relevant logs, and steps to reproduce on GitHub.


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