Modern Online Picture Frames


Modern Online Picture Frames For 1.15+

Add frames to your world that show images/gifs from the internet!

  • Supports GIFs and Images
  • Adjustable speed for GIFs!
  • Adjustable Size Up To 32x32 Blocks!
  • Invisibility toggle!
  • SHIFT+PLACE to place on the floor!
  • Change Image/Size with /opf command!
  • Works for almost all mod loaders!


About Links:

The link has to end with ".gif", ".png" or ".jpg".



MC 1.19.2+ Versions Requires CreativeCore and Architectury API

MC 1.17-1.19.2 Versions Requires CreativeCore

MC 1.16.5 Version Requires Nothing.

MC 1.15.2 Version Requires CodeChicken Core


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