Aquarius7373: Golden Age

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This may be the modpack for you if:


  • You don't want to spend hours learning a new mod
  • You hate scrolling through 20 pages of useless items in JEI
  • You don't want to lose your equipment when you die
  • You want a modded minecraft experience without all the junk
  • You want to run an amazing shader without bogging down your PC


Photos! Lots of Photos!


This pack has 68 primary mods (plus18 dependency mods) and is meant to run great on a 6GB server. It also runs flawlessly on 1.5gb of ram locally for me due to all the improvement mods.

It has, what I believe to be, the bare minimum to achieve the "modded minecraft" experience.


Included Shader: Sildurs High shaders pack. You will just need to add optifine before you can select it. Directions are below.


Here's a list of mods categorized by what they improve:


Additional Crafting

Apotheosis (really great stuff. Check videos below)

Deconstruction Table

Simply Enchanting (doesn't include modded enchantments, but allows you to enchant a book with whatever vanilla enchantment you want. for example, mending costs 1 end stone.


Improved World

Biome Bundle O' Plenty (Better Biomes mixed with Biomes O' Plenty. BOP ores have been REMOVED! And BB adds great cave systems)

Fast Leaf Decay

Gravestone Mod


Large Ore Deposits

Mowzie's Mobs

Netherex (improved Nether with a few new mobs)

Passable Leaves (walk/fall through leaves!)

Progressive Bosses (ender dragon and wither get harder and drop better loot each time they're killed)

Swing Through Grass


Waystones (spawn in villages, allow free teleport between them. Crafted waystones cost 1 lvl for each 500 blocks traveled, and 3 lvls between dimensions)

YUNG's Better Caves

YUNG's Better Mineshafts


Mob Farming and XP Gain

Mob Grinding Utils (Store your XP in a tank for later, auto collect mob drops/xp, more ways to move and kill mobs)

XP From Harvest (1 xp given for harvesting 1 mature plant)

...(also, there are XP upgrades for the Furnus mod)


Improved Storage

Ender Storage

Simple Storage Network (like  Refined Storage, but MUCH SIMPLER)


Better Horses

Horse Tweaks (new horse saddles with abilities, like frost-walker, thorns, etc)

Realistic Horse Genetics (over 30million varieties of horse coats, can see their stats and breed accordingly, saddled horses STAY PUT and don't run away)

^ Also includes a "pokeball" type item for storing horses. Or any leashable mob.


Improved Stuff / Quality of Life

Artifacts (Baubles. Kill a Mimic to always receive one)

Better Advancements (full screen advancements page)

Better Than Mending (crouch+right-click to use xp to heal held equipment. no more going back to a mob grinder. replaces normal mending enchantment)

Carry On (pick up animals, chests, etc)

Controlling (easier keybinding)

Cosmetic Armor Reworked

Diet Hoppers (allows you to click blocks behind a hopper)

Double slabs (break only top or bottom slabs when stacked, place slabs vertically, or place a slab on a different slab within one block)

Enchantment Descriptions (hold shift to see what an enchantment does)

Furnus (upgradeable furnace and pulverizer. pulverizer gives slight "fortune" effect, giving more of the end result than normal furnace. Works on modded blocks as well)

Gravestone Mod (items, besides equipment, stay in gravestone when you die. Equipment stays with you thanks to Keep Equipment)

Hooked (craft hooks to move around better)

Hopper Ducts (no more chains of hoppers. Use ducts instead. Also has a hopper filter!)

Keep Equipment (You won't drop equipment, wings, or baubles when you die!)

Mine Menu (pre-loaded menu wheel for quick access since this modpack adds a few keybinds from other mods, like Fly, Hook, Toolsaver, Excavation, Baubles, etc)

Nature's Compass (helps you find biomes, but only works 5k blocks away and may lag servers)

Oops! Undo (you have 3 seconds to pick a block back up after placing it)

Ore Excavation (Only Netherex's Amenian tools have Ore Excavation, but they have it automatically)

Sandbag (to test how OP your swords are that you spent 360 levels enchanting. Shows damage numbers)

Scarecrows (craft scarecrows to keep away aggressive mobs or all mobs at 3 different ranges)

ToroHealth (see damage numbers pop up when you damage a mob)

Uppers (upside down hoppers. Good for removing filtered items from "Hopper Ducts" filtered hopper)

Wall-Jump! (double jump against a wall, jump over fences, adds Speed and Double Jump enchantments)

WAWLA (adds more info to the hud, like block break progress, animal breeding timer, etc. *I removed horse speed and jump stats so you have to use a book on a tamed horse)

Wings (Fly for real! The easier wings to craft drain your food fast. Evil wings are much better, but Dragon Wings have tons of durability and barely drain food at all. FAIRY DUST is a new ore used to craft Wings and is only found ABOVE Y=120 [it was Y=100 on version 1.0].)

Triumph (custom achievements screen to help you with these new mods, but really just for very new players)


Improved Client Side

Apple Skin (see how much food heals you)

Auto Third Person (switches to third person when flying, driving boat, mounted, etc)

Better Placement (bedrock-type placement. Allows you to hold left-click while moving quickly to place blocks in a perfect line)

Clean View (no more potion particles blinding you)

Crafting Tweaks (a few options to speed up crafting recipes)


Inventory Sorter

Inventory Tweaks

JEI + JER (shows ore Y spawn levels, how to craft items, and a nice clean list of all craftable items)

More Overlays (see blocks dark enough to spawn mobs, see chunk boundries)

Mouse Tweaks

Third Person Camera Fix (Doesn't put the camera inside your head if you're too close to a block)

Trash Slot

What's That Slot (use keybind to see what items can go in certain blocks' inventory slots)

Zevac's Toolsaver (prevents you from using the last 10 durability of a tool so it doesn't break. Can be turned off using Mine Menu wheel. Also allows auto-mining)


Improved Sounds

Ambient Sounds 3 (birds, wind, etc)

Sound Filters (reverb, etc in caves)

Super Sound Muffler (craft item to dampen/prevent unwanted sounds)


Improved Performance

Better FPS (somehow improves things a little)

FPS Reducer (drops to 10fps when screen isn't active, or no activity for past 5 minutes. Keeps your PC happy while AFKing at a mob grinder)

Phosphor (rewrites how lighting works so shader pack loads much faster. You can remove this if you have problems with lava rendering in the nether)




Mod Showcase Videos:

Apotheosis Part 1

Apotheosis Part 2


Hopper Ducts

Mowzie's Mobs


Realistic Horse Genetics


Simple Storage Network






Adding Optifine

Download here: OptiFine_1.12.2_HD_U_F5

Make sure you select KEEP once it finishes downloading.

Open Twitch and go to Mods > Minecraft > Aquarius7373: Golden Age > Settings icon at top right > Open Folder > Mods

Drag the newly downloaded Optifine.jar into your mods folder. Done!


Optional: Increase RAM Allowance, 1a)

Download 64 bit java here: Java Versions

Select Windows Offline (64-bit). Finish installation before launching Minecraft. This will allow you to allocate more than 1GB ram to minecraft. 


Now play the Aquarius7373: Golden Age modpack from Twitch.


Optional: Increase RAM Allowance, 1b)

Once the Minecraft launcher opens, click Installations > Click 3 dots to right of Aquarius7373 > Edit > More Options

Change -Xmx3228m to a larger number. This means it'll let the game use about 3GB. I set mine to 10228 for 10GB but it depends on how much you have to spare. I have 32GB ram total.


Inside the Minecraft main menu, go:

Options > Video Settings > Shaders > Click Sildurs. Game will seem like it freezes for a little while. Just let it do its thing. Once the shader is selected, click Done.

Now when you play it'll look amazing!



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