Auto Third Person


1.20.1: Fabric and Forge

1.20.0: Fabric and Forge, unmaintained (update to 1.20.1)

1.19.4: Fabric and Forge

1.19.2: Fabric and Forge, low priority maintenance (play 1.19.4 i am begging you)

1.18.2: Fabric and Forge

1.17.1: Fabric and Forge, low priority maintenance

1.16.5: Fabric and Forge

1.12.2: Forge, new codebase compared to the very old crappy 1.12 release

1.7.10: Forge

1.4.7: Forge

Forge files for 1.16+ are marked "Beta", they're not actually in beta, CurseForge still doesn't separate Fabric and Forge versions on their website though so this is the best I can do.

Auto Third Person automatically puts you in third-person camera when you fly an elytra, ride an animal, boat, or minecart, or swim underwater. When you stop flying or leave your vehicle, your camera view will be restored to whatever it was before you started. Much of the mod is configurable through an extensive config file.

There's a few other camera-related goodies - an option to disable the "first-person flipped" camera, an option for fixing the "weirdly rotated first-person hand" in 1.7.10-and-earlier versions that happens when you look at yourself in f5, and a backport for pressing Shift to exit vehicles for 1.4.7.

New things in version 2️⃣ of the mod:

  • All 13 versions use the same codebase.
  • New toggle key for temporarily disabling the mod. It is in the options screen under "Miscellaneous" and is unbound by default.
  • Forge versions use a regular Forge config file, instead of the custom thingie the mod used to use.

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