Horse Tweaks

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Horse Tweaks


his mod adds various saddle upgrades to improve the abilities of your horses, as well as some minor subtle tweaks aiming to reduce horse frustration. Upgrades can be applied to saddles by crafting a saddle along with the appropriate items.

Info for SevTech users: The upgraded saddle recipes get removed by CraftTweaker (along with the normal saddle recipe) right now. You can enable some of them in the config to work without the upgrade though (or just grab the items from creative mode). There is also a CraftTweaker script by wooby_6 that will fix the recipes in SevTech. Download the file and place it into the scripts folder.


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  • Swimming Saddle: Allows horses to swim, preventing you from getting dismounted in water (but they're pretty slow)
  • Leafwalker Saddle: Allows horses to walk through leaves - can still walk on top of leaves too though
  • Frostwalker Saddle: Enables the frost walker effect for horses. Quickly ride on top of water as it turns into ice below your horse's feet
  • Firewalker Saddle: Take your horse to a stroll through the Nether with no worries over a burnt tail! Horses will create crumbling magma blocks below their feet
  • Jump Assist Saddle: Removes the charge-up bar for jumping and makes all jumps be at full strength by default
  • Thorns Saddle: Enemies attacking the horse directly will get pricked by its deadly butt cacti, and incoming damage will be halved
  • Feather Fall Saddle: Negates fall damages for both the horse and the rider
  • Leads return to your inventory instead of dropping to the ground
  • Right-clicking a horse with armor or a saddle will apply it directly, instead of opening the inventory
  • Unmounting a tamed horse will set its home position, preventing it from wandering off too far from where you've left it
  • Saddles with upgrades will have durability that gets used up as the abilities are used. This can be configured.





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