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A furnace and a grinder with upgrades. That's it.


Speed Upgrade: Increases speed and fuel consumption.

Efficiency Upgrade: Decreases fuel consumption.

IO Upgrade: Enables automation. I=Input, O=Output, F=Fuel.

X means, nothing can enter or leave this side.

Check mark means, you can input and output with hoppers, itemducts, pipes, etc.

A means, the furnus/pulvus pulls/pushs by itself. It includes the check mark.

Without IO Upgrade you can insert/extract items like a vanilla furnace.

Slot Upgrade: Adds one additional input slot and output slot (max. 2).

XP Upgrade: Increases XP output.

Eco Upgrade: Keeps the heat even if there are no items in input slots and prevents that the progress bar will be reset if the furnus/pulvus is out of fuel.

Energy Upgrade: Enables energy support. 


The grinder grinds the usual items:
Iron Ingot -> 1x Iron Dust
Block of Quartz -> 4x Nether Quartz
Lapis Lazuli Ore -> 8x Lapis Lazuli
Gold Ore -> 2x Gold Dust
Stone Bricks -> 1x Cobblestone
Diamond Ore -> 2x Diamond
Cobblestone -> 1x Gravel
Coal Ore -> 3x Coal
Redstone Ore -> 8x Redstone
Gravel -> 1x Sand
Glowstone -> 4x Glowstone Dust
Gold Ingot -> 1x Gold Dust
Iron Ore -> 2x Iron Dust
Stone -> 1x Cobblestone
Nether Quartz Ore -> 3x Nether Quartz
Blaze Rod -> 4x Blaze Powder
Emerald Ore -> 2x Emerald
Wool -> 4x String
Bone -> 6x Bone Meal
And of course it doubles ores (Whooohoo!).
(This mod only adds iron dust and gold dust, but if you have other ores and dusts in your modpack, it will probably work too.)
You can edit the recipes in furnus config file and add new ones.




Furnace and grinder can be powered by External Heater from Immersive Engineering and Exoflame from Botania.

A mod review by jamminslaps: (Outdated)


furnace (n.):  early 13c., from Old French fornais "oven, furnace," figuratively "flame of love" (12c.), from Latin fornacem (nominative fornax) "an oven, kiln," related to fornus/furnus "oven," and to formus "warm," from PIE root *gwher- "warm" (cognates: Greek thermos, Old English wearm.






  • Can I use this in my mod pack?
    • Yes.


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