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This mod was made during the MMD SpookyJam!


Scarecrows adds, as the name suggests, scarecrows. There are 3 tiers of scarecrows, each having 2 types. Every tier will scare monsters in an increasingly larger area given that monster can see the scarecrow (details below). Type 1 of each tier will only scare monsters, type 2 of each tier will additionally scare animals. Affected mobs are also unable to spawn in the area affected by a scarecrow. All scarecrow tiers work in every dimension, the tier name is merely based on the design.

When a mob is scared by a scarecrow, it will run away from the scarecrow, crying for help by making tons of noise. Except for creepers, because they're super quiet. Sometimes, if you lure them into the scarecrow's area, mobs will be too fixated on a player to notice the scarecrow, but they will eventually run away.

Scarecrows are built in a similar manner to iron or snow golems, placing a (carved) pumpkin last. Placing a Jack o' Lantern last will make the scarecrow glow. You'll also notice, that every scarecrow has arms (the sticky things on their side). Those arms are placed by rightclicking a block with a stick. Arms can only be placed on the side of a block. How exactly you build each type is shown in the images below. 

To remove a scarecrow, break the block it's placed on. You'll get back all the blocks and items the scarecrow was made of.
1.13+ only: If you do not place the pumpkin last, rightclick it to build the scarecrow. Only Carved Pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns work.


Tier 1 (Overworld):
2 blocks tall
Area: 10 blocks
Type 1 (Spoopy Scarecrow):

Type 2 (Super Spoopy Scarecrow):

Note: This mod is balanced because it has clay in it.


Tier 2 (Nether):
3 blocks tall
Area: 25
Type 1 (Spooky Scarecrow):
 (Hey, you know this guy from the logo!)
Type 2 (Super Spooky Scarecrow):

Note: The Spooky Scarecrow is pretty full of himself because he's featured in the logo.
Note: That's a Nether Brick Fence, no other fence works.


Tier 3 (End):
4 blocks tall
Area: 50
Type 1 (Scary Scarecrow):

Type 2 (Super Scary Scarecrow):

Note: The placing of the end rods matters.



This mod has a configuration file, in which you can define the ranges of each scarecrow type as well as whether it scares animals or not. The options are sorted into sections based on the scarecrow name, which you can find above each picture.


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack, but please let me know if you do so.

You are not allowed to rehost the mod's files anywhere.


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