Deconstruction Table

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Hello, I'm slowly starting to get back into the groove and return to this project. Minecraft and modding have been second-hand on my plate for the past couple years and a lot has changed since I've worked on DeconTable.

First plan is to get an issue tracker back up since I guess BitBucket deleted the old project? idunno.

Please let me know of any outstanding issues in the latest version, or if any mod items don't work so I can start to track down the problems.


Thank you all for being incredibly patient with me,

<3 - bdkuhman



This mod adds a new kind of Crafting Table to minecraft, but not just any table... A table that is able to "undo" the work of a regular Crafting table!



Modpack Information:

 You are free to use this in any modpack, as long as a link back to this project page is included.



:Iron: :Diamond: :Iron:
:wood: :Bench: :wood:
:wood: :wood: :wood:



1) Download and Install forge
2) Open the mods folder in .minecraft
3) Place [MC X.X.X]Deconstruction[vX.X.X].jar into the mods folder
4) Launch Minecraft
5) ???
6) Profit!!!


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