MineMon QOL+

14 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2

This pack has all the common mods that people usually add to Pixelmon along with a few more additional ones I thought would help steer the gameplay away from Minecraft just a little.


Quality of Life:

AppleSkin (see how much a food item replenishes hunger in tooltip)

Better Advancements (just full screen advancements; nothing added)

Better Placement

Carry On (pick up and move chests)

Cosmetic Armor Reworked (wear the Pixelmon armors without sacrificing armor)

Wearable Backpacks (all picked up items go into backpack if one is worn keeping inventory full/space for pokeballs/etc. Backpack can be placed on hopper for easy sorting.

Crafting Station (crafting table but items remain rendered on grid, connects to chests for easier crafting)

Fast Leaf Decay

HWYLA / JEI / WAWLA (small window at top of screen tells you what you're looking at since there are mods that add potentially new things to you)

Mouse Tweaks (improved inventory movement)

Nature's Compass (find biomes for specific pokemon hunting)

Oops! (if block is placed accidentally, left click it within a few seconds to pick it back up. Great for waystones/obsidian/etc)

Pickle Tweaks (few small tweaks so mods work together better)

Simple Storage Network (excellent storage mod, no energy requirement; simple)

Simple Harvest (right click to harvest and replant [does not give xp])

XP from Harvest (left click/break mature plants to gain some XP)

Trample Stopper (no more destroying crop land)

Uppers (upside down hoppers to push things up)



Default Enchantments,

Living Enchantment (all minecraft armor/tools (besides shears) are auto-enchanted with Living Enchantment. Tools level up and become better the more you use them.

Also, infinite durability. No more worrying about not having enough picks on you and repairing stuff. Diamond picks are auto-enchanted with Fortune I as well.)



Biomes O' Plenty (more/better biomes. Pixelmon is coded to work with this mod for correct spawning/etc by default)

Journeymap (create waypoints, mini-map at top right, activated waystones are added to map, pokemon are grey arrows on map)

Waystones (craft and place waystones for free instant teleporting. Global sharing togleable. Can move your own waystones)

ClaimIt (Claim chunks so others can't grief your property. Commands to show boundaries, notifications when you enter/exit claimed land)


Third Person:

Aqua Acrobatics (better swimming)

Auto Third Person (third person when mounting pokemon)

Wearable Backpacks (rendered correctly on bodies)

Cosmetic Armor Reworked (enjoy pokemon based clothes without sacrificing armor)

Mo' Bends (more fluid movement, matches pokemon better)


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