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Double Slabs

For the longest time I've been mildly infuriated by Minecraft slabs. Why on earth can't we place different types of slabs on top of each other??!! It makes zero sense to me so that's why I created this mod.

Double slabs is all about improving the vanilla and modded slabs through minor tweaks to their behaviour.


  • Mixed Double Slabs - Have you ever wanted to place two slabs of different slab types on top of each other?? Well now you can!
  • KleeSab like behaviour on Mixed Double Slabs (or two double slabs which are of the same type if the replace same type option is true). This means that slabs now break separately when mining a double slab and the speed of mining of the individual slab depends on which slab you are looking at and which tool you are using. For example: if you have a mixed oak slab and stone slab, trying to mine the oak slab with a pickaxe will be quite slow but mining the oak slab with an axe will be quicker and vice versa. This a survival mode feature only.
  • Vertical slabs - Simply hold sneak when holding a regular slab to place a vertical version! This also works with combining two vertical slabs including vertical slabs from Quark, just ensure you are not holding sneak to combine!
  • Mod Compatibility - both the mixed double slab and vertical slab feature works with many other mods as well as mods which add slab machines machines such as Improved Stations and Slab Machines allowing for various machine types to be mixed together!

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Can I use this in my modpack?

Of course! This is the main reason I made this mod!


Have an issue?

Just let me know using the issues tab!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a forge or fabric mod? 

A: This is a forge mod


Showcase your creation here!

The popularity of this mod has blown me away (thank you so much!), so if you've created something using Double Slabs, be sure to send me a private message with an image and I might showcase your creation here! I'm sure you're all much better builders than I am!