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• This pack improves flower pots by adding a soil texture to the flower pot depending on the plant
• The shading of all plants has been removed so that they are as bright as their normal counterpart
• The pack is made for the Minecraft Versions 1.13-1.17


• Check out the Colourful Pots add-on for even better looking flower pots:


• Flower Pots + supports 22 different mods:




All Soils:

Crimson Roots - Crimson Nylium

Crimson Fungus - Crimson Nylium

Warped Roots  - Warped Nylium

Warped Fungus - Warped Nylium

Wither Rose    -  Soul Sand

Oak Sapling    - Plains Grass

Spruce Sapling - Taiga Grass

Birch Sapling - Plains Grass

Jungle Sapling - Jungle Grass

Acacia Sapling - Savanna Grass

Dark Oak Sapling - Forest Grass

Bamboo - Jungle Grass

Fern - Tinted Grass

Brown Mushroom - Mycelium

Red Mushroom - Mycelium

Cactus - Sand

Dead Bush - Sand

Dandelion - Plains Grass

Poppy - Plains Grass

Blue Orchid - Plains Grass

Allium - Plains Grass

Azure Bluet - Plains Grass

Red Tulip - Plains Grass

Orange Tulip - Plains Grass

White Tulip - Plains Grass

Pink Tulip - Plains Grass

Oxeye Daisy - Plains Grass

Cornflower - Plains Grass

Lily of the Valley - Plains Grass

Azalea - Moss Block

Flowering Azalea - Moss Block

Warm Monkey Brush - Forest Grass

Scalding Monkey Brush - Forest Grass

Hot Monkey Brush - Forest Grass

Rosewood Sapling - Forest Grass

Barrel Cactus - Arid Sand

Gilia - Arid Sand

Yucca Sapling - Arid Sand

Yucca Flower - Arid Sand

Morado Sapling -

Water Hyacinth -

Grimwood Sapling -

Aspen Sapling -Kousa Sapling -

Maple Sapling - Forest Grass

Red Maple Sapling - Forest Grass

Yellow Maple Sapling - Forest Grass

Orange Maple Sapling - Forest Grass

Foul Berries - Forest Grass

Autumn Crocus - Forest Grass

-----------------[Bamboo Blocks]--------------------
Bamboo Torch - Jungle Grass

Soul Bamboo Torch - Jungle Grass

Ender Bamboo Torch - Jungle Grass

-----------------[Better Default Biomes]------------
Dark Violet - Plains Grass

Dead Grass - Plains Grass

Short Grass - Plains Grass

White Mushroom - Plains Grass

Yellow Mushroom - Plains Grass

Feather Reed Grass - Plains Grass

Gray Mushroom - Plains Grass

Purple Verbana - Taiga Grass

Blue Poppy - Taiga Grass

Swamp Willow Sapling - Swamp Grass

Pink Cactus Flower - Sand

Dune Grass - Sand

Palm Sapling - Sand

Purple Wisteria Sapling - Plains Grass

White Wisteria Sapling - Plains Grass

Pink Wisteria Sapling - Plains Grass

Blue Wisteria Sapling - Plains Grass

-----------------[Blue Skies]------------------------
Cherry Sapling - Cherry Grass

Crystal Flower - Crystal Sand

Bluebright Sapling - Turquoise Grass

Camelia - Turquoise Grass

Frostbright Sapling - Turquoise Grass

Raspberry Bush - Turquoise Grass

Snowbloom - Turquoise Grass

Snowcap Mushroom - Turquoise Grass

Starlint Sapling - Turquoise Grass

Baneful Mushroom - Lunar Grass

Blaze Bud - Lunar Grass

Dusk Sapling - Lunar Grass

Lunar Sapling - Lunar Grass

Maple Sapling - Lunar Grass

Moonlit Bloom - Lunar Grass

Nectarine Sapling - Lunar Grass

Baneful Mushroom - Lunar Grass

-----------------[Buzzier Bees]--------------------------
Buttercup - Plains Grass

White Clover - Forest Grass

Pink Clover - Plains Grass

Darkwood Sapling - Forest Grass

Elder Sapling - Plains Grass

Lavender - Plains Grass [Texture size fixed]

Poise Bush - Poismoss

Tall Poise Bush - Poismoss

-----------------[End: Reborn]-----------------------
Dragonite - Plains Grass

-----------------[Extended Mushrooms]----------------
Infested Flower - Mycelium

Glowshroom - Mycelium

Poisonous Mushroom - Mycelium

-----------------[Good Night's Sleep]-----------------
Dream Sapling - Dream Grass

Dream Grass - Dream Grass

Candy Sapling - Dream Grass

Hope Mushroom - Dream Grass

Orange Flower - Dream Grass

Cyan Flower - Dream Grass

Lolipop Bush - Dream Grass

Dead Flower - Nightmare Grass

Despair Mushroom - Nightmare Grass

Nightmare Grass - Nightmare Grass

Prickly Nightmare Grass - Nightmare Grass

-----------------[LDShadowLady's Flower Breeding]----
Allium [10 colors] - Plains Grass

Dandelion [10 colors] - Plains Grass

Fairy Rose [10 colors] - Plains Grass

Hyacith [10 colors] - Plains Grass

Hybrid Daisy[10 colors] - Plains Grass

-----------------[Nethercraft Classic]---------------
Glowood Sapling - Nether Dirt

Green Glowshroom - Nether Dirt

Purple Glowshroom - Nether Dirt

-----------------[Premium Wood]----------------------
Apple Sapling - Plains Grass

Magic Sapling - Taiga Grass

Willow Sapling - Swamp Grass

Purple Heart Sapling - Jungle Grass

Silverbell Sapling - Plains Grass

Tiger Sapling - Savanna Grass

Maple Sapling - Plains Grass

Rose - Origin Grass

Paeonia - Plains Grass

Cherry Sapling - Plains Grass

Cypress Sapling - Plains Grass

Dark Japanese Maple Sapling  - Plains Grass

Japanese Maple Shrub Sapling - Plains Grass

Japanese Maple Sapling - Plains Grass

Hemlock Sapling - Forest Grass

Rainbow Eucalyptus Sapling - Jungle Grass

Monsteras - Jungle Grass

Indian Paintbrush - Jungle Grass

Willow Sapling - Swamp Grass

Rubber Sapling - Swamp Grass

Redwood Sapling - Podzol

Jungle Palm Sapling - Sand

Agave - Sand

Aloe Vera - Sand

Bryce Sapling - Sand

Sauguaro Cactus Sapling - Sand

Sakura Sapling - Plains Grass

Tiny Cactus - Sand

Yucca Palm Sapling - Sand

Brown Autumnal Sapling - Savanna Grass

Red Autumnal Sapling - Savanna Grass

Orange Autumnal Sapling - Savanna Grass

Yellow Autumnal Sapling - Savanna Grass

Fir Sapling - Forest Grass

Beetroot - Farmland

Potato - Farmland

Carrot - Farmland

Wheat - Farmland

Pumpkin - Farmland

Melon - Farmland

Large Fern - Tinted Grass

Tall Grass - Tinted Grass

Grass - Tinted Grass

Lilac - Plains Grass

Peony - Plains Grass

Sunflower - Plains Grass

Frosty Blossom Sapling - Plains Grass

Serene Blossom Sapling - Plains Grass

Warm Blossom Sapling - Plains Grass

Sweet Blossom Sapling - Plains Grass

Sunny Blossom Sapling - Plains Grass

Red Blossom Sapling - Plains Grass

Rose Bush - Origin Grass

Sweet Berry Bush - Taiga Grass

Vines - Jungle Grass

Cocoa Beans - Jungle Log

Sugar Cane - Sand

Chorus - End Stone

Sea Pickle - Water

Glowshroom - Glowcelium

Nether Wart - Soul Sand

Nether Sprouts - Warped Nylium

Twisting Vines - Warped Nylium

Weeping Vines - Crimson Nylium

Cave Roots - Stone

-----------------[Simply Tea]------------------------
Tea Sapling - Plains Grass

-----------------[Swamp Expansion]------------------
Cattail - Swamp Grass

Willow Sapling - Swamp Grass

-----------------[Upgrade Aquatic]------------------
Blue Pickerelweed - Forest Grass

Purple Pickerelweed - Forest Grass

Pink Searocket - Sand

White Searocket - Sand

River Sapling - Forest Grass







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