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📘: General Overview

Galosphere is a mod that aims to improve the underground by adding new content such as new biomes, mechanics, mobs... etc. 

⛏️: Features

  • New Biomes: Crystal Canyons, Lichen Caves
  • New Mobs: Sparkle, Spectre
  • New Resources: Allurite shard, Lumiere shard, Silver Ingot, Lichen Mushrooms (Most of these materials offer new and unique interesting mechanics)
  • New Armor, trinkets, and foods: Silver bombs, glow flares, lichen cordyceps, sterling armor set (This armor set has a special property and can be used for attaching banner onto a sterling helmet)


  • These features are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more things that are not mentioned in the features list.


📺: Mod Preview





📝: Notes

Forge and Fabric is available for this mod

If you have any suggestions for this mod, you can join my discord server to learn more. 


🧰: Modpack Designers

You can put this mod in your modpack, but make sure to credit us!