Enlightends final update is currently in development, while no current bugs can he fixed, the final update has fixed every reported bug so far. You can look at development in the discord.


  1. Enlightend is a mod for 1.18.2 and above, enhancing the ends feel while also preserving its intended style. It expands on the desolate nature of the end while adding new biomes scattered few and far between the end islands.

    The mod also adds more exploration below and above the end islands. Travelling upwards in the End will lead you into the Upper End, which is like a massive asteroid belt far out from the end islands acting as an opposite to overworld caves, featuring its own distinct biomes, blocks, and items. Similarly you can also travel downwards too, and find the radioactive Enderneath or other rare materials to use. Just be weary of the threats in the end, whether it be biological or inorganic, after-all, you're in unknown territories.

    (also available for older versions but they aren't up to date with new content.)

 Features :

  • Plentiful and unique end biomes with their own ecosystems, theming, and ambience.
  • New area far up from the regular end asteroids called the "Upper End" featuring its own biomes and materials
  • Lots of new crops that all grow uniquely from other vanilla crops
  • Ooze rain, a new weather event for the end
  • Upgrades to the regular end with new stone, ores, foliage, and a new liquid
  • Lots of decorative blocks
  • New music tracks for the end
  • Almost all of the blocks, items, and mobs in the mod have their own unique mechanics, it isn't just bloated purple end forests!
  • Majority of the modded blocks have custom sounds.
  • Ambient particles and noise have been added to the regular end.


The Ennegel Grove

The Ennegel grove is a biome based off of bounciness, with bouncy blocks of ennegel that make up the trees "leaves" and a good portion of the biomes floor. New plants called "springleaves" are scattered about, which will launch the player at a high velocity depending on the direction of the springleaf. There's also an indigo colored wood-set called and few other decorative plants. 

A New food source called Bouncer Nuts grow under the indigo tree branches. These will eventually become too heavy and fall off of the tree, breaking open into a few bouncer "mobs" which will become squished and dropped as an edible item after about 10 seconds. Squished Bouncers eaten or fed to ringlings, but they cannot be replanted and will only grow off grown indigo trees. Furthermore, another new mob spawns here, called the ringling. The ringling will eat bouncers dropped from nuts or fed by hand from the player. When ringlings are fed bouncers, they become full and will begin digging through the indigo eylium below them, they will occasionally dig up ancient roots and rarely a rooting blade. Ancient roots can be eaten to submerge yourself one block into the ground, it can also be brewed into a rooting potion, which causes this effect for a longer duration. The Rooting Blade will apply that effect on hit for about 3 seconds.

 The Enderneath

The enderneath is an upside down ancient overgrowth, hidden below the end islands and lightly based around radioactivity. Lots of irradium ore generates within the biome and new threats called "stalkers" lurk here. Stalkers are very tough mobs, some of the toughest in the game as a matter of fact! They'll try to knock you off the platforms in the enderneath giving you an effect called "burdened" in the process, which will greatly increase your falling speed. Furthermore, killing a stalker will cause it to drop stalker its meat and ocassionally its teeth. Stalker meat is a very good food source since the stalker is a challenge to slay, and the stalker teeth can be crafted together with bismuth ingots to make a serrated hook, which has extra range and will bring mobs to your position when attacked.


glow gourds, azure berries, and cerulean stalk are also found only within this biome. Glow gourds grow down from cerulean vines, and overtime they'll sprout open with fronds off the sides, which allows them to be harvested slices that cause radiation when eaten. Azure berries grow off of lichen-like vines. These berries are very useful as they provide levitation to any player that eats them, letting you save yourself from a fall or escape from the enderneath. Lastly, cerulean stalk can be found here, which is an opposite of bamboo that grows downwards and can be turned into a light blue wood-set.

The Ooze Seeps

The ooze seeps is a biome based around ooze and bubbles, with mobs and blocks to fit that theme.


Ooze can be found here, which is a new liquid found exclusively in the end. Ooze has many properties such as :

  • Items, projectiles, boats sliding across the ooze surface.
  • Most entities will stay completely still and not sink or float while in the liquid.
  • You cannot drown in the liquid.
  • Going in the liquid applies a new effect called "enderstride" which teleports the player to where they are looking randomly.
  • Ooze can speed up the growth of some nearby crops.


Big gas vents that produce giant bubbles are littered around the biome. They also have different effects depending on what liquid or gas is placed a block below the lowest part.


Eleviblooms, a new crop, grows here. Eleviblooms will grow in multiple stages only on chorloam, and when harvested multiple elevibloom berries will begin floating into the air, eventually falling down. Eleviblooms can be eaten to encompass the player in a giant bubble, which can be popped by attacking it.


Gloops are a new creature which is also found here. Gloops will occasionally harvest grown eleviblooms and then eat the floating berries. If they eat enough of the floating berries they will eventually begin dripping jelly, which at this point allows you to right click them with a bottle and harvest the jelly. Bubble jelly can be eaten for a new effect, "bubbling", which will encompass any hit targets in a giant bubble. Furthermore, bubble jelly can he made into a bubble jelly block, which rapidly increases the velocity of whatever entity walks in it to that of the blocks direction.


Fumesplats also call the ooze seeps home. Fumesplats will occasionally fill up with ooze over time, and then splat the ooze all over its enemies, including the gloop, it's natural enemy. The splat causes a new effect called "suffocation". Suffocation will slowly drain the oxygen of any mob who has it, almost like air-drowning. If fumesplats are killed, they can drop a suffocation gland which can be brewed into a suffocation potion.

The Gaseous Gardens

The gaseous gardens is an upper end biome which is based around the noble gases. Spawning >= 128, the biome houses giant gas planets consisting of xenon (blue) and helium (orange),  occasionally with rings of stardust blocks. 


Gases will float upwards or downwards when broken depending on which gas it is. Walking in gas will reduce or increase your gravity. The gases can be collected by using a gas jar, which is made of malachite and glass panes.


Jars of Helium can be used for a variety of things :

  • Heliosand, an opposite of sand that falls upwards.
  • Helium Darts, a throwable weapon that floats upwards into the air.
  • Helium lantern, a light source which hangs upwards.
  • Boost Boots, a pair of boots that prevent fall damage and give you significantly lowered gravity.


Jars of Xenon can be used for a variety of things:

  • Flash bombs, a throwable weapon which blinds all nearby mobs with a new effect.
  • Xenon Darts, a throwable weapon that falls heavily downwards .
  • Xenon lantern, a new light source that hangs downwards.
  • Xenon laser, shoots a non lethal laser that can reflect off of malachite Reflectors. Glacium or Blaze powder can be added to make them dangerous. Wearing boost boots let you walk on the lasers, and Dashing leggings prevent laser damage.
  • Xenon is now used in the beacon recipe.


Gases are also renewable through gas vents. Place a block of xenon or helium gas 1 block under a gas vent that is 3 blocks tall, and it will recieve a visual change and rarely produce new helium / xenon.

Arctic Abyss

The arctic abyss is a dead zone, hosting only leviathan sized lifeforms, which only spawns in the upper end >= y128.


Void levithans are the only inhabiting creature of this biome. They are incredibly powerful and dangerous, however they won't hunt players that are cold or not in the arctic abyss.


Offering Statues can be found here as parts of the ruins. Offering statues will ask for one select item upon right click, delivering this item will reward you with unique items and deplete the offering statue. They cannot be moved either, and will become depleted if you break them.


Some of the rewards from the offering statues include :

  • Glacium, a freezing gem which can be used to make a lot of the arctic abyss blocks, new building blocks which freeze entities around it, and starsteel. Starsteel is a new toolset upgraded from diamond that will mine faster as you go higher up in the world. It can also be upgraded with Echo shards to make tenebrium tools, which mine faster the lower you are in the world.
  • Frost Aspect, a new enchantment incompatable with fire aspect that will build up freezing damage on hit.
  • Curse of Permafrost, a new curse that will constantly freeze the player if they are wearing a piece of armor cursed with it, but can be negated if they wear any leather armor.
  • 1.20.1 ONLY : will always provide one ender smithing template, which can be used to smith most end tools
  • Some other items are also given, but they aren't too notable.


A few other blocks can be found as apart of the ruins :

  • Freezing totems, these will ocassionally shoot freezing rays in the direction they're facing, and can be deactivated with redstone.
  • Frostburnt ice, which will cause the player to freeze while stepping on it.
  • Superheated pots, which explode with fire and a few good loots.

New Materials

 Malachite can now be found across the regular end islands, which can be used for a variety of things such as :

  • Malachite Building Blocks (regular, polished, bricks, and tiles).
  • Gas Jars which can collect xenon and helium.
  • Malachite Reflectors which reflect xenon lasers horizontally or vertically.
  • Boost Boots, a pair of boots made with malachite and helium that apply lower gravity while wearing, and also allow the player to walk on xenon lasers.
  • Dashing Leggings, a pair of leggings made with malachite and gold that allow the player to dash on cooldown, and also prevent laser damage.
  • Teleporters, a new redstone block that will teleport blocks above it when activated, but only if there is a rigid build of malachite blocks to another teleporter.
  • Malachite is now also used to make ender pearls and ender chests .


Irradium is a new radioactive ore found deeper in the end islands, used for a variety of things such as :

  • Irradium blocks which inflict radiation in a radius around it.
  • Nuclear furnaces which can smelt 3 items at once using irradium bars as fuel and will occasionally spit out depleted irradium.
  • Nuclear bombs which explode into a ton of radiation and are more powerful than TNT.
  • Irradium lamps as a new decorative item.
  • Depleted irradium blocks which can absorb radiation in an area around it.
  • Depleted irradium spear which has very far reach, high damage, and slow attack speed.


Bismuth is a new prismatic ore found exclusively in the upper end, which is used for a variety of thing such as :

  • New bismuth building blocks (blocks, sheets, sheet slab, sheet stairs, sheet wall, glass, glass panes, and lamps).
  • Bismuth can oxidize into 5 different colors depending on the biome. Regular bismuth blocks can be waxed to prevent this.
  • All bismuth types can be combined into one iridescent bismuth type which cycles colors.
    • Oxidized Bismuth can be scraped for bismuth gleam, which can then be applied to bismuth.
    • Can be brewed with a bismuth ingot and awkward potion to make a vitality potion, which prevents poison and sickness


Adamantite is a new heavy brittle ore found close to the void on the end islands. It can be used for a variety of things such as :

    • Adamantite nodes can be found near the void, mining these with a netherite pickaxe drops adamantite nuggets.
    • Adamantite can be used in a smithing table to upgrade iron armor and tools to adamantite.
    • Adamantite tools have slower attack, lower durability than netherite, but have faster mining and higher damage than netherite.
    • Adamantite armor has a speed penalty for each piece, and lower durability, but has higher armor toughness and knockback resistance than netherite.

  • Thanks to _humanoid for creating the music for this mod, and also providing a lot of suggestions and help during development.
  • Thanks to MadoctheHadoc for providing help and code for the end biomes.
  • Thanks to mcreator for making this possible (don't be offset, custom code is still added!).
    and thanks to everyone who's supported me during development!

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