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Twigs is a Minecraft mod all about building, adding new and interesting materials, as well as new renditions of vanilla blocks! 


Twigs is primarily available for Fabric!

Forge ports are occasionally available.

thank you Orcinus for our Forge ports <3


You may use Twigs in mod packs, with linked credit of course!


Versioning Clarity

Twigs versioning is currently a bit confusing - this will be fixed from version 2.0 and onwards, coming soon!

The latest stable Fabric version is 1.1.3-patch2+1.18.2

The latest beta for Fabric is 2.0.0-beta.9+1.19

The latest stable Forge version is 1.1.4-patch3+1.18.2


If you find any bugs or want to talk about all my mods in general you can join my discord server!
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twigs item group


Here's some pictures of the building blocks currently in the mod, to see more look in the images tab!



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