Dawn Of Time - Builder Edition

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► Dawn of Time: Builder Edition is a mod tailored for Minecraft architect lovers for both beginners and experts alike. Created by two Minecraft builders, every aspect is balanced to enhance your building experience : clean and well-organized inventory, many fancy blocks with features designed to simplify the building process, vertical slabs, furniture, plants for your exteriors, lamps, etc. Our mod adds more than 300 new blocks organized by the architectural styles of various cultures around the world, currently French, German, Japanese, Persian, Pre-Columbian, and Roman !

Dawn of Time uses connected textures, you need to download Fusion for Minecraft 1.19.2 and later, or CTM in 1.16.5 and 1.12.

Join us !


► The following part is dedicated to some buildings made by our team and our community. It's a great way for us to display all the possibilities you have with our variety of blocks and how detailed we've gone with our work. Most of our blocks are a compromise between historical accuracy and the whimsical look of Minecraft.


Do you plan to backport the mod to older version ?

Our small dev team is working slowly but efficiently, we put a high level of care to each block and feature. We prefer to focus on adding new content and keep the mod at the latest version. thus we won't be publishing old portage of our mod.

Where could we get silk ?

Refer to this article : Silk

Is the mod able to generate structures ? Will the mod could be able to generate structures ?

The mod generate only a few crops in the wild. It is not intended to generate structures, it is a purely decorative mod.

Is there a place where I could give my help or suggest new ideas to the team ?

The main place is Discord, we recruit developers, modelers and builders. We also need people to help us with translation files.

Our mods

Discord Armor of the Ages Armored Doggo


Development, models and textures by Poulpinou & TheGoldenWorld.
Thank you to Mr_Ch0c0late1, Botmark, Instantnootles, and Lucthar for the wonderful models; to Grand_Gibus, Aythya, Wonyu, Zadrac, Seynax, and Hahdrim for the code support; and finally to Knoxxturre and Jackie for creating such good-looking buildings (and having such a subtle sense of humor)!
And of course, thank you to our community which constantly helps us to improve the mod ❤️.
Special thanks to Millenaire !

Font: https://www.dafont.com/minecrafter.font