Dawn Of Time - Builder Edition

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Hello from the Dawn of Time team !


 The mod is our team’s desire to represent the architecture and the specificities of different cultures into Minecraft. The dilemma was to find a good compromise between historical building accuracy and a more fancy style in Minecraft.


So far, we have three cultures in the mod :





Raijin armor / O Yoroi armor / Tachi sword





 French blocks and the Iron plate armor



Functionable portcullis and a French connectable chimney





To get our connected textures, you will need to download CTM in 1.12.2 : here 


We have more cultures planned to come, but, for now, we have over 80 new unique blocks. We also have incorporated variations to vanilla blocks and connected textures. Some of the new blocks include: thatch, various wood timber frames, new glass, various paper walls, a paper lantern, functional chimney, shutters, crops, culturally unique armor, weapons, and much more!





  As of right now, the mod is still in it’s development stage. We are releasing the blocks part of the mod, because the coding part is not finished yet. It’s a massive and ambitious project that we have started, but we can’t tell more… It’s a secret…

If you want to support us and check the advancement of the mod, please, join the discord ! Leave a comment bellow, we want to know your feedback !


 We are also looking for some coders and experimented modellers, if you have any skills, especially with coding, please join our discord.



 To get our connected textures, you will need to download CTM in 1.12.2 : here

Discord : https://discord.gg/p7BRwT4

Email Address if you have any request : dawnoftime.inc@gmail.com



Availlable languages :

🇬🇧 English

🇩🇪 German

🇪🇸 Spanish

🇷🇺  Work in progress

🇫🇷  Work in progress

🇬🇷  Work in progress


 Support us on Patreon :


   HERE !


  Credit : Our builders and modelers

              A thanks to Millenaire 



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