Dawn Of Time - Builder Edition

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Dawn of Time mod review for Minecraft 1.16.5




► Dawn of Time : Builder Edition is a mod made for Minecraft architect lover as much as beginner as expert. Since this mod have been created by two Minecraft builder everything is balanced to improve and make your building experience perfect : clean inventory and well organized, a lot of different skin for one block, connectivity between blocks, 3D armors, etc…Our mod add nearly 300 new blocks to your game !


The main goal of this mod is to provide a high level of detail and care to the architectural dimension of Minecraft so we decided to give you all the tools to reproduce everything needed for a house : walls, shutters, tiles, chimney, balcony, beams, floors, stairs, reinforced walls, outside lamps, etc.. The mod also add a huge diversity of furnitures such as chairs, carpets, teapot, tables, etc..


► The high level of care is not our lone brand name because all the blocks we add are themed following the style of different cultures all over the world : French, Japanese, Mayan, Roman, German, Persian and Egyptian. 






A huge quantity of connected blocks :






Interactive blocks :






Clean and well organized inventory :







Our set of plants :


Camellia / Mulberry / Maize / Rice / Commelina




The following part is dedicated to a few buildings made by our team and community. It is a great way for us to display all the possibilities you have with our block variety and at which level of detail we pushed our work. Most of our block are a compromise between historical accuracy and the fancy aspect of Minecraft.



Japanese :  




French : 




Mayan :




When could we see the mod updated for a recent Minecraft version ?

  • Our small dev team is working slowly but efficiently, we put a high level of care to each block and feature. So far we would like to create so sort of "skin" for the Minecraft Vanilla villages. Each skin based on a civilisation depending on the biome, we plan this feature for the 1.18.


Where could we get silk ?


Is the mod able to generate structures ? Will the mod could be able to generate structures ?

  • Currently the mod generate nothing, only a few crops in the wild. We would like in the future to generate structures, we will start by small lone stuctures like temples, ruins, houses, small dungeons, etc..


Is there a place where I could give my help or suggest new ideas to the team ?

  • The main place is Discord, we recruit developers, modelers and builders. We also need people to help us with the translation files



Help us with translations :


 Credit : A thanks to our builders, developersmodelers and translators. Moreover our community that constantly help us to improve the mod

A special thanks to Millenaire 

Font : https://www.dafont.com/minecrafter.font




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