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Fish of Thieves


Ahoy pirates! Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the fish from Sea of Thieves were brought into Minecraft? Here we are!

This mod adds fish from Sea of Thieves with Minecrafty feels. Who doesn't want those fish in Minecraft?

If you are Sea of Thieves player and know a lot about fish lore, Feedbacks are welcome!


Can be found here.






Can I use this mod into my modpack?

Yes! Feel free to play with your modpack. Just make sure to give credit and do not claim as your own work.

If Sea of Thieves introduce new fish into the game, Will you add them?

Yes, but I don't think SoT will add more fish after all. So we'll see.

When will the mod be updated to [insert version here]?

Yes, IF I have my free time to do so.

Will you backport to 1.16.5 or older versions?

Simply, No.


I'm not affiliated with Rare Ltd. or Microsoft. This is a fan creation.

All fish names and appearances are belong to Rare Ltd.