Broglis Plants

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Flytraps are found in the mangrove swamp and have three stages of growth. It can only be grown on mud and when flowering they will randomly spew out 4 seeds. Slows and damages all mobs except frogs passing through it.


Corpse flowers can be found in old growth pine and spruce taiga biomes, they have two stages of growth. It can only be grown on podzol and starts out as a bud which will flower then shoot out 2 seeds. Causes nausea if walked through.


Giant water lilies grow in the swamp, mangrove swamp and the jungle. You'll find their stems growing in the water, and once they reach the surface they'll spread out into giant lily pads, provided there's space.


Deadly nightshade is a new flower that can be found in dark forests, like all other flowers it can be used in the crafting of suspicious stew and grants the poison de-buff.


The flytrap, corpse flower and deadly nightshade feature particle effects, the flytrap and corpse flower are both animated and can be grow quicker with bone meal, the same three plants can be placed in vanilla flower pots but only deadly nightshade will work with modded ones.


Requires GeckoLib.

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