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Promenade is a mod for the latest version of Minecraft that adds a ton of features to the game related to exploration, diversity and will improve the beauty of you world.

You can visit the official website for Promenade for more information.

👾 Features


Due to a missing Fabric API module, Promenade v2.5.0 and higher versions require TerraBlender to be installed for overworld biomes to appear in your world.

The biggest feature of Promenade is the cherry oak forest, a sweet and charming biome that comes in 2 variants (pink/white).
Blossoming with cherry trees, this calm realm is perfect for japanese-style buildings and even features a brand new wood type: the cherry oak wood.

Picked up from Minecraft: Dungeons, the pumpkin pasture feature autumnal trees.
This warm place is home to thousands of bees and bring up a unique orange-yellow color palette to your world. This is also probably one of the best places to watch the sun set.

Promenade also adds a new palm wood type that can be obtained from palms located in the deserts of Minecraft.

The Nether got new galleries to replace with most of the barren nether wastes.
Nether galleries feature mushrooms in 3 different variants that reflect some types of color blindness: protanopia, achromatopsia and tritanopia.

You may also find taller Nether forests for more dramatic landscapes and darker areas at the ground level.

Barren places are also prominent in the ender. That's why you will encounter the new dark amaranth forests.
Watch out for the spiders, who like to climb up the purple fungi of this gloomy forest.


Witch huts can be found in dark forests.


The ducks are gentle animals that can be found in any biome that features pigs, cows, chicken and sheep.
They are able to swim fast and to float on water. You can feed and breed ducks with seeds (not bread, that is bad for their digestion!).


Straight from Minecraft: Dungeons, sunken skeletons are foes that live in warm oceans.
You can collect the undead coral they wear by overcoming the danger of their crossbows and killing them underwater.

Lush Creepers can be rarely found in caves, and will leave blocks found in lush caves upon explosion.


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You can support Promenade on the Patreon page of the founder, main developer and maintainer of the Dawn Team mods (Hugman).

By supporting Hugman, you can get access to the following:

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We do not want to lock any in-game feature of the Dawn Team mods behind a paywall, because we believe that any Minecraft mod should forever remain free to download and fully exploit/use.
Supporting via Patreon is a more of way to help Hugman to continue to improve the mods and show the gratitude you might have towards Hugman's work. Some money you donate may be used to pay for new features, such as music or art, but not all of it.

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Promenade is made for Fabric, and currently not for Forge.


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