Hellion's Sniffer+

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Welcome to Hellion's Sniffer+! This is a 1.20 Expansion mod building on features surrounding the Sniffer. This includes new behaviors for the Sniffer itself; several new plants for it to dig up, including a new woodset; and an entirely new cave biome, housing all these wonders! Hop in and explore!


  • Sniffers now can be saddled and ridden
  • Sniffers can now have chests equipped
  • Sniffers with equipped chests will place dug up seeds in their chest
  • Sniffers can be given an Ominous Banner to carry you to the nearest Outpost
  • Several new plants including Ivy, Stone Pine Trees, and Fiddleferns
  • Torchflowers now emit light, earning themselves their name
  • And an entirely new cave biome, the Timeless Grotto


I am developing this project completely on my own in my free time. If you would like to help support the work I do and get special benefits like early betas, special previews in the Discord, and a cosmetic in a future mod project I have planned, please consider becoming a Patron!



Use Code "hellion" at checkout with Nodecraft for 30% off your order!


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