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Terrestria is built for the Fabric mod loader! It will not work on Forge.

About Terrestria

Terrestria is a detailed and vibrant biomes mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 and above running on the Fabric mod loader. Terrestria enhances gameplay through the addition of 12 major biomes supported by 17 component biomes, 8 new wood types, as well as a healthy selection of foliage - providing a refreshing new selection of terrain.

The goal of Terrestria is to be the most polished and visually appealing biomes mod available for Minecraft 1.14, and to this end there has been intense focus on selecting, detailing, and refining the biomes until they look absolutely amazing. Rather than add tons of different biomes, focus has been put into adding a rather small amount of biomes and then populating them with large amounts of detail and component biomes. This overall results in a more cohesive experience compared to existing biome mods.




  • coderbot: Project lead and lead developer
  • NeusFear: Artist and developer
  • Valoeghese: Developer
  • Prospector: TerraformersMC organizer, Terraform Developer, and adviser


Terrestria is free software licensed under the GNU LGPLv3 license. To simplify (this is not legal advice), Terrestria may be freely distributed in combination with an attribution notice (such as a mod list entry, a way to access this source code (for modpack developers, a link to the Curse or GitHub page; for fork authors, by providing access to the modified code), and finally a notice that Terrestria carries the LGPL v3 license, which can be included in the mod list.

Want more?

Check out Terrestria's sister mod, Traverse:


Traverse works well alongside Terrestria if you are looking for a set of biomes that are closer to the Vanilla+ ideal. Traverse has a lot of unique, colorful biomes that embrace the simple vanilla aesthetic instead of trying to overshadow it.

Found an issue?

If you've found an issue, please make a report on the issue tracker! While I do look at the curse comments section, issues on GitHub recieve priority treatment and are easier to manage and sort through. If the comments become too cluttered with issue reports, I may have to delete some comments to clean it up.


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