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Enderscape is a mod for Minecraft that focuses on expanding The End with new biomes, mobs, items, and more.


🪞 Features include:

  • New biomes, such as the Celestial Plains and Corrupt Depths.
  • New mobs, including Drifters and Rubblemites, expanding on The End's resources and personality.
  • Many new blocks, including two new wood types, a new stone type, and two new ores.
  • Items, such as Drift Jelly, Mirrors, and Nebulite, expanding upon the means of exploring End terrain.
  • Expanded soundtrack, including many background music tracks and two Music Discs.


📈 Improvements include:

  • Improved sound design for most existing End blocks, such as End Stone, Chorus, Purpur, and more.
  • Improved ambience for all existing End biomes, including new ambience loops, additions, and particles.
  • Configurable QOL improvements, such as a larger stack size for Ender Pearls.

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ℹ️ Enderscape requires Fabric API and BCLib.

⚠️ This mod is in active development and things are subject to change. Please be sure to report any issues.

📰 If you want to be notified about upcoming content or new releases, join the Discord Server.