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[Let's Do] HerbalBrews



Welcome to Herbal Brews Beta!

Tea Time! In Herbal Brews, it's all about tea and brewing: lavender tea, black tea, green tea, as well as coffee and potions, along with vials of long-lasting strengthening effects.


Getting started

Various new plants and flowers can be found in the world: hibiscus, lavender, coffee plants, as well as various exotic variations of tea plants.

Tea leaves can be collected by shearing flowers. These can then be either cultivated as tea plants or dried. Combine 9 tea leaves and place the block outside.

To process dried tea, you have two different tea kettles available: copper and iron, both of which only differ aesthetically. Place the kettle on a stove, add all the required ingredients, wait a moment, and enjoy your tea!

Most teas have effects that positively impact all players within a certain radius.

There is also the option to create potions. For this, a brewing cauldron is required. Potions come in vials and have long-lasting strengthening effects. To brew with style, there are various hats inspired by witches and wizards.


Please note that while Herbal Brews is hopefully playable without major issues, it is still under development. Regular backups are recommended. 




Requires the Let's Do API

API Download


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Dedicated to MissLilitu