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End: Reborn


End Reborn is a simple mod with purpose to decorate The End experience.

For In-game guide you can download Patchouli mod (Only 1.12.2). Fabric version of the mod. Some features may vary.


For more information please check the latest changelogs.



  - Tungsten and Endorium processing recipes

  - Tungsten processing items, slurry

  - Tungsten and Endorium paxels

  - Star-Endium QIO Drive 

Immersive Engineering

  - Tungsten and Endorium plates, dusts, rods, sheetmetals blocks

  - some processing recipes

The Endergetic Expansion

  - Sledgehammer recipes

  - Ogana Plant generation


  - Endstone Button, Purpur Wall, Obsidian Framed Glass


  - Essence Block, Xorcite Pillar