Endorium (Forge)




Tools made from Endorium, from which the mod gets it's new name, are improvable via templates in a smithing table for increased durability to one target, while compensating to another; or increasing efficiency for minor tasks like cutting cobwebs. They are found in the new structure, usually under surface.

For the balance reasons, craftable tools from ingots are comparable to the diamond tier. After the upgrade it is the same quality as Netherite. The advantage is in the template effects which might be useful for specific purposes.


Other items were added: Ender Boots teleport the wearer upon recieving damage and Transmitter is a portable Ender Chest with limited use. Incandescent Lamp can be screwed into a block by clicking on it when recieving redstone signal. Alongside with the structure and ore, End Islands in lieu of the vanilla feature, by chance will be covered with moss and plants. Tungsten ore is found in the outer End and Farrock is just a new type of stone.