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 Biome Makeover REQUIRES the fabric mod loader and Fabric API

We will not be porting to Forge or backporting to older versions of Minecraft, and requests to do so will be blatantly ignored


Biome Makeover is a vanilla + mod designed to improve and enhance Minecraft's biomes. As of V1.3.0, the mod improves 4 biomes, the Mushroom Fields, the Badlands, the Swamp and the Dark Forest.  

Future updates will give makeovers to other biomes. If you have any suggestions for the future, let us know!


Our latest update brings improvements to the Dark Forest. Explore the reworked Woodland Mansion, tame a owl pet, farm the plant/animal hybrid rootlings, discover the new curse enchanting feature and much more!

Flora and Foliage

  • Ancient Oak Trees Large dark trees towering over the Roof Forest. A darker wood than dark oak. Comes with all the usual wood blocks.
  • Single Dark Oak Trees Dark oak saplings now only require 1 sapling to grow. 
  • Ivy seen covering ancient oak trees and mansions, this is a decorative block that you can use to spruce up your builds
  • Itching Ivy & Moth Blossoms an orange flower variant of the ivy. This ivy covers the canopy and will slow down any traveller attempting to traverse it. Beware of moths.
  • Foxglove a 2 tall purple flower!
  • Black Thistle a 2 tall black flower, a cousin of the wither rose. Beware of it’s weakening effect
  • Wild mushrooms forage for these mushrooms on the ground of the forest. Will drop a variety of mushrooms or collect them with shears!

 World Generation

  • Mesmerite Find mesmerite spikes on the surface and mesmerite patches underground. This mystical stone can be crafted into all the expected decorative blocks.
  • Illumite Crystals Find these  mysterious crystal clusters attached to mesmerite spikes and patches. They can be crafted into blocks or used in the new curse enchanting system. The crystals emit light at night.
  • Full Woodland Mansion overhaul We have completely redesigned the woodland mansion. Featuring more loot, enemies and maybe even a new boss!
  • Tapestries These decorative blocks come in 16 colors (+ 1) and can be found throughout the mansion. Can you collect them all?


  • Rootlings part animal, part plant. Plant rootling seeds to grow your own! These funny little guys can be sheared for their petals (if you can catch them). They also make a tasty snack.
  • Owls A tameable flying companion. These feathery friends will help you take down your enemies.
  • Stone Golems crafted out of cladded stone, these fancy fellows can be armed with a crossbow to shoot at your enemies. Stone Golems found within mansions may not be so friendly.
  • Moths These flying enemies will seek out light (and moth blossoms). Appearing on the canopy of the forest, they may overwhelm an unsuspecting adventurer.
  • The Adjudicator not much is known about these reclusive leaders of the illagers. Perhaps you could find one in a mansion?
  • Foxes and Rabbits can now spawn in the Dark Forest


  • Moth Scales These scales dropped by the moth can be crafted together with ectoplasm to create phantom membranes
  • Bulbus Roots dropped by the rootlings, bulbus roots can be roasted into a tasty snack
  • Stunt Powder crafted from illunite shards and bulbus roots, this item can be used on any baby animal to stop it from ever growing up. Apply an antidote potion to reverse the effect
  • Potion of the Nocturnal this potion, brewed with moth scales, will stop phantoms spawning on you
  • Crude Cladding this unusual metal can be found in the mansions. Combine it with leather armor in a smithing table to craft the new Cladded Armor, or craft it with smooth stone to create Cladded Stone
  • Cladded Armor this armor is great at resisting ranged attacks and reducing the knockback effect
  • Enchanted Totem of Undying this is an rare, uncraftable upgraded totem of undying.

Curse Enchanting

By obtaining an Altar, you will gain access to the new curse enchanting system. Place and illunite shard and an already enchanted item into the altar.
After the crafting process has finished, one of the enchantments on that item will have increased by 1 level, even past their normal enchantment limits. The downside is though, that a curse will be applied to your item.
An item can only be cursed once.
You will not be able to add new enchantments to a cursed item (either by anvil or enchanting table).

Curse will not be removed with the grindstone.

You can curse a book to get an enchanted book with a random cursed applied.

Biome Makeover adds several new curses

  • Curse of Decay (added in swamp update): Makes your items degrade faster
  • Curse of Insomnia will make phantoms appear faster
  • Curse of Conductivity will attract lightning during storms
  • Curse of Enfeeblement will reduce your max health
  • Curse of Sliding will make you slide around (sometimes)
  • Curse of the Depths will drag you to the ocean floor
  • Curse of Flammability will set you on fire for longer
  • Curse of Suffocation will reduce your maximum oxygen underwater
  • Curse of Unwieldiness will slow down your attack speed
  • Curse of Inaccuracy will reduce your accuracy with bows and crossbows
  • Curse of Buckling will increase your fall damage taken

Our third update was to the Swamp biome, find new plants, animals, structures and more!Our third major release gives Swamps a much need make over, adding plenty of new foliage, a variety of new mobs, a witch haggling system, and much more!




Foliage and Flora - By far the largest category of this update and for good reason.

-We have replaced the fake-oak-and-vines "willow trees" from vanilla swamps with two new trees.

-First, actual Willow Trees. The Gnarly tanged trees spawn mostly on land, and have a greenish yellow hue to their wood, and are complete with their own unique Willowing Branches, which can be hung on the underside of can leaf block and even be waterlogged.

-Second, is the Swamp Cypress. A tall, vine covered tree that spawn in shallow waters, and have a greyish mossy bark, and knotty cedar colored planks. Both trees' saplings can be waterlogged, and woods are complete with all the blocks and items you would expect. 

-Next, No swamp would be complete without Reeds and Cattails. These two-tall plants appear in 1 block deep water around swamps in clusters, and come in a few variations.

-We have also made some additions to lily pads. Small Lily Pads can be placed in clusters from 1-4 and the Water Lily can also be found nearby, with a bright magenta lotus on top that can be crafting into magenta petals, which can then also be turned into magenta dye.

-All varieties of Reeds and Lily Pads can be farmed by bonemealing shallow waters in swamps.

-And the last two plant additions to the swamps are Marigolds and Swamp Azalea, both two-tall flowers that can be farmed and crafted into their perspective dyes.





World Gen - This update brings a few immersive changes to world generation including:

-Large brown and red mushrooms can be found throughout swamps, along with fallen willow logs - occasionally covered in mushrooms.

-A new type of ruin, Sunken Ruins, can be found in small clusters. These dilapidated structures are composed of willow wood, and are partially overgrown with vines and leaves. If you are lucky you can find some loot inside, consisting of various supplies a witch might find handy, but be warned... some of the former inhabitants still might be around.

-Lastly a very versatile soil can be found in small patches in swamps called Peat. If you come across some discolored moss-like grass in the marshy areas of swamps, you may want to dig around to find this nutrient rich purplish brown dirt.  Coming in both regular Peat and Mossy Peat  varieties, this block can be tilled and used as farm land for a boost to your crops growth rate. Dried in a furnace to yield Dried Peat, an efficient fuel source, or can be crafted into Dried Peat Bricks, a building block that comes in slabs, stairs, and walls.



Foes and Fauna - This update adds several news mobs, all with unique items or mechanics.

-One of two new ambient mobs is the Dragonfly, which come is 5 different colors of varying rarity, can be seen in swamps, and can be killed to drop their wings.

-The second being the wisp-like Lightning Bug, an interesting "glowing" mob that has a few fun mechanics. First, Lightning Bugs can be captured in an empty glass bottle resulting in a Lightning Bug Bottle, a new type of lantern that can be placed on the top or bottomside of any block, producing light and showing a little Lightning Bug bobbing inside. Second, if the Lightning Bug is captured in a "Bottle o' Enchanting" it will give the player a Bottle o' Lightning, an item that can be thrown like a splash potion to transform any mobs affected by lightning (i.e. villagers to witches, pigs to zombified piglins, or creepers to charged creepers), and will inflict any mobs within its radius with the Shocked effect. The Shocked effect temporarily reduces a mobs' or player's maximum health by one heart per level of the effect, up to 4 levels. 

-Next is by far the best edition of this update, the Toad. The Toad hops around swamps, eating Lightning Bugs and Dragonflies with its long tongue, and can be bred with Dragonfly Wings or a Spider Eye. When bred, one Toad will seek water, and lay a Tadpole, a fish like mob that can be captured with a bucket of water, and will one day grow up to be a Toad itself. The Toad can be killed to drop Raw Toad, a food source that can be cooked and eaten, and WartWart is a potion ingredient that when placed into an awkward potion will yield an Antidote, a potion that acts similar to a bucket of milk when drank, but only removes bad status effects, not good ones. The Antidote can also be brewed into a splash, lingering, or arrow variety. 

-Now on to hostile mobs and mechanics, we have a zombie variant called The DecayedThe Decayed are fallen adventures who were felled by slime, and now their sticky corroded flesh is covered with mud and debris, giving them a "swamp monster" type appearance. Decayed spawn in water similar to drowned, but are no strangers to land either, and wade much quicker than players through shallow waters allowing them to quickly catch up and hunt down players in the brush. Decayed also come ready for combat with a shield, and sometime other armor and equipment, however due to their time exposed to the elements and acidic slimes, equipment dropped by Decayed will likely have the Curse of Decay, a curse that comes in up to 5 levels, and will cause equipment afflicted with this curse to break much quicker anytime it takes damage. In addition to rotten flesh, Decayed may also drop slimeballs. 

-The Final addition is a new quest-like system given by witches we have dubbed Haggles. They can only be done by first equipping a Witch Hat, a rare drop witches that can also be occasionally found in Sunken Ruins that will prevent witches from becoming hostile to the player, and will allow you to interact with witches in a manor similar to villagers. The Haggles will appear in the UI of the witch, and they will request random mob drops, plants, and items, and once completely will yield a reward that correspond with the difficulty of the quest, either "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare", and "Epic". Rewards range from various potion ingredients, regular vanilla potions, a swamp specific record (also found in Sunken Ruins), and specific Hybrid Potions that are a typically a bit stronger than potions players can normally brew, consist of multiple potion effect in one potion, and may contain status effects not normally obtainable from brewing. 

-There have been also rumors of a mini-boss type monster that spawns only in moonlight...






Our second major release brings updates to the Badlands biome. New cactus variants, tumbleweeds, ghost towns, bandits, and more!





World Gen - This update brings a few additions to the world gen in the Badlands, the biggest of which is Ghost Towns. Ghost Towns procedurally generate much like vanilla villages with their own unique variety of buildings and structures, including its own loot consisting of Cowboy Hats, boots, crossbows and more.




But be warned, the ghost towns may not be as uninhabited as they initially seemed. Ghosts can be found spawning in the dark of these towns, and are neutral to players until provoked. They can be seen flying around, interacting with ...things. They drop ectoplasm which can used to craft the Poltergeist block, a sort of 1 block randomizer which will randomly flick interactable objects around it in a 5x5 radius, or used to convert composting material into soul soil in a composter.



Next, if you find yourself near riverbanks or bodies water, keep a keen eye out for Pay Dirt . This mineral rich soil can be dug up for some potential riches like nuggets or gems. 



And the last edition to world gen is large bone fragments and fossils found aboveground scattered across the barren wastes. 



Flora - Biome Makeover adds two new cactus variants, the Barrel Cactus, a small flowering cactus, and the Saguaro Cactus a much larger cactus with branching arms and varying heights. Both can be potted and composted. You may also see the occasional Tumbleweed tumbling by. 



Fauna - Is it a lizard? A rattlesnake? A scorpion? Who knows. All we know is the coy but charming Scuttler can be seen rarely throughout this biome found snacking on Barrel Cacti - which will drop pink petals. If their rattling tail doesn't scare you off, feeding some pink petals to one will cause them to warm up to you slightly, but only slightly, and will even cause Scuttlers to breed with eachother.



Patrols of Bandits on horseback, similar to vanilla Illager patrols, can be found equipped with crossbows, cowboy hats, and a unique banner. Defend yourself, or flee, either way they are coming for blood. 



Building Blocks - This update adds 17 varieties of Terracotta Bricks complete with stairs, slabs, and walls.




Our first release brought updates and improvements to the Mushroom Fields biome. See the video below for more information!




World Gen - This update adds larger cave structures layered with mycelium with mushrooms of all sizes.




 Flora - You can find two-tall  brown and red mushrooms, mycelium roots and sprouts, large and small bioluminescent mushrooms called Glowshrooms, and a new tree type, Blighted Balsa, complete with logs, stripped logs, and planks.





 Fauna - Brown Mooshrooms now spawn naturally like red Mooshrooms, you may find Glowfish in the shores around the Mushroom Fields, and deep underground you can find Blightbats and the rare wandering Mushroom Trader to offer a good deal; He's a fun guy. 


 Building Blocks - Finally the mod has a variety of building blocks for your building pleasure.




Additional Credit:

Godzmoline - Chinese Simplified (zh_ch) translation.

小鋼琴愛園丁 - Traditional Chinese (zh_tw) translation.



We are currently on hiatus, but we intend to update eventually, no ETA.


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