This modpack is used in my 100 days video and is basically a built on version of Orcas Jujutsu Craft. The Jujutsu Kaisen is the main piece and all other mods are there to compliment, improve and add to the Sorcerer experience. These mods make the game far more convenient, add multiplayer functionality and help you have the greatest playthrough possible. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!!
- Jujutsu Craft (Sorcery Fight) for bulk of content and all things JJK!
- JEI to see all recipes so that you are never stuck.
- Xaero's World Map so you can have a view of surroundings from above.
- Sophisticated Backpack for mobile storage.
- Health Overlay for a color coordinated health bar.
- Cosmetic Armor so you can stay drippy and ready for battle.


If you'd like the one we used it is the OLD version and if u want the newest JJK mod its the NEW one! 


My video:

If you need your own server click here and make sure to use code: Zeefski!


Newest Mod List:


All credit to the creators