Colorful Hearts


What does it do?

Colorful Hearts is a simple client side mod that replaces vanilla heart renderer which always added more rows when the player had more than 10 hearts.

Instead of vanilla behavior the mod uses colored hearts to represent each row of health. They can be configured in a config file that accepts a list of hex #RRGGBB color values.

Colorful Hearts also adds half heart background textures. This means that if there is only half a heart of absorption, it will not have a black background on the right as if there is something missing. Instead the black bordered background will only cover the left half of the heart icon.

Mod Support

Colorful Hearts has currently been tested to work with AppleSkin, Raised and Farmer's Delight. If there is a compatibility issue with any mod, please notify me to see if support can be added. Please avoid reporting these issues to other mods as it is most likely caused by Colorful Hearts.

Support is not available with:

  • Scaling Health: causes weird UI rendering. Make sure to set the config option of the mod to use VANILLA style hearts if usage with Colorful Hearts is desired, as both mods' colored hearts conflict with each other otherwise.


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