CullLessLeaves Reforged (Unofficial)

Cull Less Leaves Reforged is a unoffical Forge port of Cull Less Leaves.
This mod gives you a 9% fps improvement for rendering leaves.

Thank you for 100k downloads ðŸ¥³ Absolutely insane for just two weeks

Important Notice: I will only support the last two major release versions of Minecraft for all of my mods (that's currently 1.18.2 and 1.19.2).


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Important Notes and Requests

The original copyright owner isXanderIsDev who created the Fabric version of Cull (Less) Leaves.

Big shoutout to gaxyll for creating the logo for me - tysm.


Please do not report issues with this port to the original owner or to their GitHub repo. Please report it to mine.
Please do not join their discord or post a comment on their mod page in order to get support for my port. Please post your questions here.

This port currently does not change any of the original optimizations. On code side the only differences are the following ones:

  • I adapted the class references and mixin injection points to match it to SRG and Forge
  • I removed one of the original embedded libraries by using the default mixin annotation classes
  • I removed some compatibility modes for one mod that does not exist for Forge.

This port is fully compatible with Rubidium/Embeddium* and Oculus. It also should work with Optifine however it will be not officially supported by me.


How it works

Instead of leaving just the outer layer of leaves, Cull Less Leaves also renders a certain amount of layers defined in the config.

* Rubidium for 1.18.2-1.19.2
* Embeddium starting from 1.20


Rubidium/Embeddium Configuration

rubidium config