Shrines Structures

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Shrines Structures


Explore the World to find these Structures. If you find them you can own them - Do what you want to: Loot them, live there or simply swamp them with Lava. You also may use them to farm mobs or show your friends how good you're building skills are ;)


You can change the most things about structures in the config, but this will i explain later.

But look what you're gonna find: There are 15 diferent Structures by now (More are in work):


Note: Some screenshots are taken with resourcepacks and shaders, so may they look a bit different to you


- Guardian Meeting (lootable(1 chest with good loot))


 - Jungle Tower (Lootable, challenging, by SamhitApple)


- Harbour (Many variants, lootable(6 chests - more will come ;)), in work with Silencegamer, find all ores!)


- Infested Prison (Multiple Variants, lootable, challanging, by SamhitApple -> Can you find every detail in it?)


- Abandoned Witch House (Multiple Variants, lootable, challanging, by SamhitApple)


- Air Ballon (Over 500.000 Variants, some are lootable)


- Bees (Spawns Bees, Muliple Variants, some are lootable)


- Temples:

    - High Tempel (By S1lencegamer, Multiple Variants, lootable)


    - Small Tempel (By S1lencegamer, multiple Variants, lootable)


- Flooded Temple (By SamhitApple, lootable)


- Mineral Temple (by SamhitApple, lootable)


- Shrines

    - Nether Shrine (Multiple Variants, some can be looted)


    - Water shrine (By S1lencegamer, Multiple Variants, lootable -> search for the chest)


- Nether Pyramid (Lootable, Multiple Variants)


- Player House (Lootable, Multiple Variants)



 Configuring Structures:

- First you have to open your Minecraft Directory in your local file system:

- Than you have to open the "config" folder in this directory

- After playing Minecraft with this mod the first time, in this directory should be a file called "shrines-server.toml". Open this

- Here you have many options to config every structure by it's own. Over every option there is a comment(starts with #), which explains the option

- To Futher questions ask here in the comments or join my support server:


Futher Announcements are made on discord:





As you can see, this mod doesn't have this much structures. Help me to expand this Mod with your Structures! Everyone has the Chance to get into the Credits (And Changelog) with his Structure. You can Contact me if you are interested in helping me, i will give instructions personally. This isn't complicated - You only have to upload the *.nbt file. Futher information you can find here:



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