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Jujutsu Craft (Sorcery Fight)

[Addon mods] (These are NOT mandatory)

1. Jujutsu animation

2. Obfuscate

3. Pehkui

4. The lost cities

Sorcery  Fight or in the original language Jujutsu  Kaisen.

First of all the Sorcery Fight mod is in 1.16.5 and Forge


How to progress in Sorcerer, just follow the advancements!

I invite you to look at the pictures to see what the mod looks like!


〇 Key Settings

R : Change cursed technique

Z : Use selected cursed technique

X : Reset technique selection

Shift (Sneak) : Guard and Jump boost


G : Simple Domain (need advancement grant)

M : Reverse Cursed Technique (need advancement grant)


It is especially important to use the R, Z, and Shift keys


〇 Commands
  • gamerule jujutsuEntitiesUseGuard <true/false>

    If set to true, jjk entities will use guard against player attacks.

  • gamerule jujutsuPVP <true/false>
    If set to true, player attacks will hit other players in multiplayer.

  • gamerule jujutsuVanillaMobSpawning <true/false>
    If set to false, vanilla mobs such as zombies and skeletons will not spawn.
  • gamerule jujutsuUpgradeDifficulty <value>
    With larger values, player will find it harder to upgrade (default value: 2)
〇 Helps
  • Occasionally, a bug occurs that the player's speed/jump power reduction is not removed. This bug can be resolved by using physical attacks.
  • Change minecraft difficulty (easy, normal, or hard) if you find the game is too difficult or too easy. The strength of the entities will change greatly.



[アドオン] (必須ではありません)

1. Jujutsu animation

2. Obfuscate

3. Pehkui

4. The lost cities




〇 キー設定

R : 技の変更

Z : 技の使用

X : 技の選択をリセット

Shift (Sneak) : ガード、ジャンプ力上昇


G : 簡易領域(使うには進捗の達成が必要です)

M : 反転術式(使うには進捗の達成が必要です)


特にR, Z, Shiftキーの使用はとても大切になります。


〇 コマンド
  • gamerule jujutsuEntitiesUseGuard <true/false>
  • gamerule jujutsuPVP <true/false>
  • gamerule jujutsuVanillaMobSpawning <true/false>
  • gamerule jujutsuUpgradeDifficulty <value>
〇 ヘルプ
  • 時々、プレイヤーの移動速度・ジャンプ力低下が解除されないバグが発生します。これは物理攻撃技を使用すると解消できます。
  • 敵が強すぎる/弱すぎると感じた場合は、マインクラフトの難易度(イージー、ノーマル、ハード)を変更してください。敵の強さが大きく変わります。


The youtube channel of the creator 

His twitter 



Thank you and I hope you'll like the mod !!!


This mod developed in MCreator



Unauthorized use of textures and models is PROHIBITED.
If the rules are not followed, we will stop publishing mods.


Orca : Creator of the mod.

GrandeWhale : English trad' for curseforge page + questions anwsers.


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