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Daldar Redux




This modpack was initially inspired by Forge Labs' "Kingdom of Daldar" modpack - please, check it out along with his awesome let's play video on YouTube.

Core Concept

The core concept of this modpack is providing a "medieval" Minecraft experience and smoothens all the sharp edges with useful and most familiar UI and gameplay tweaks.

In terms of the medieval setting, you'll get castles and knights, dangerous above- and underground creatures, and, of course, deadly dragons with nests full of tasty loot. The world exploration will impress you with tons of new friendly (and not really) mobs, lots of new decorative (and not really) structures, breathtakingly beautiful biomes, and half-destroyed and long-forgotten (but still perilous) dungeons.

The new, "terraforged" world type will give you a unique and high-realistic landscape, which, with adding your preferred shaders pack, will provide you with the most beautiful picture and the best place for building your own house. Or castle. Or whatever you'd like to live.

Speaking about the peaceful gameplay, it's worth mentioning that this modpack also provides exceptional abilities in terms of farming and fishing! You'll be delighted with tens of new food recipes and cooking mechanics, along with brand-new fishing abilities and water creatures, which perfectly fits both vanilla and medieval game setting.

Difference from Forge Labs' "Kingdom of Daldar" & Difficulty Balancing

Let's start with the main difference - "The Kingdom of Daldar" was a map-oriented modpack mainly intended for the single-person experience and targeted content creation. These points entirely describe the difficulty and added mechanics under it, but if you want to play the same setup with your friends, each of which has its own playstyle, wants, and the Minecraft experience in general, an unreasonable increase in difficulty could play a bad joke with all the game participants.

In addition, "The Kingdom of Daldar" has some mods which cannot be run on a server (details below), and the majority of mods were updated since Forge Lab introduced his modpack, so that's why this modpack exists, and that's why it's a good option for the party.

In terms of difficulty balancing, this modpack provides one core feature - the Tombstone, which saves your loot and experience until you can get it back. Yes, this is casual. Yes, this helps not to "drop" the playing session when you've looted the entire dungeon, but two dragons nearby decided to practice a fireball shooting.

In terms of world exploration (keep in mind that this modpack isn't map-oriented), this modpack adds the comprehensive backpack feature, which is perfectly balanced and has lots and lots of customizable features - and trust me, this will save you a lot of time and nervous during the mining/dungeons looting/farming.

Mod List

The mod-list below reflects the actual "Kingdom of Daldar" setup (excepts versions - they're updated to the latest ones & tested). All the added/removed mods are listed in the "Additions & Removals" section, including the running side.

Also, keep in mind that server-only mods are not included in the modpack, and to use them, you'll have to install them separately on your server.

And the final thing - only listed mod versions were tested together, so please, be very careful about updating mod versions.

Both Server- & Client-side


"The Kingdom of Daldar" has no server-only mods.


Additions & Removals

  • Hostile Villages (link, CurseForge) - removed - can't run on a server.
  • Jousting (link, CurseForge) - removed - doesn't seem helpful in terms of other features + overcomplicates the gaming process.
  • Farmer's Delight (link, CurseForge) - added, v0.5.0, server + client - new food recipes & cooking mechanics
  • Neat (link, CurseForge) - added, v1.7-27, client-only - UI mod for HP bars, names, descriptions, and more for all the creatures¬†
  • AppleSkin (link, CurseForge) - added, v2.1.0, server + client - adds beneficial UI improvements for the hunger and HP bars
  • Patchouli (link, CurseForge) - added, v53.2, server + client - comprehensive API for books, advancements, and more
  • Server Tab Info (link, CurseForge) - added, v1.3.3, server + client - TPS/ping/dimension displaying in the Tab panel
  • Abnormals Delight (link, CurseForge) - added, v1.2.0, server + client - provides compatibility between mods that use Abnormals Core and Farmer's Delight.
  • Farmer's Delight Compats (link, CurseForge) - added, v1.2, server + client - provides compatibility between many popular mods (including used in this modpack) and Farmer's Delight.
  • JEI Integration (link, CurseForge) - added, v7.0.1.15, server + client - provides useful tweaks and integrations for the JEI.
  • Lumberjack (link, CurseForge) - added, v2.2.0, server + client - amazing & balanced tree chopping mod
  • Sophisticated Backpacks (link, CurseForge) - added, v3.4.2.354, server + client - awesome, balanced, and full of features backpacks.
  • Corail Tombstone (link, CurseForge) - added, v6.5.3, server + client - there is a grave that can hold your body (and loot, and experience) down.
  • Valhelsia Core (link, CurseForge) - added, v16.0.12, server + client - an addition for the modern versions of Valhelsia Structures mod.


These mods are highly recommended to use with this modpack. The reasons for usage are also listed.

  • OptiFine (official site, outside CurseForge) - vHD_U_G8, client-side - will help you fine-tune the video settings for all the video content provided in this modpack. Additionally, it allows you to add any kind of shaders.
  • Morpheus (link, CurseForge) - v4.2.70, server-only - sleep voting system.

Prerequisites and Configuration

This modpack is good to go with default settings for all the listed mods, but you still can change them by your preferences. To do so, please, check out mods' wiki pages and/or files inside the config directory of the modpack - this will bring you all the needed info for further customization.

For the single-player session, it's highly recommended to choose the "Terraforged" world type - this will bring you all the new world-generation experience and save you from unexpected crashes, which are not that rare while playing with the default (vanilla) world type.

The same is for the server parameters - the level-type=terraforged should be listed in your server.properties file and should be specified before the first-time world generation.

Hardware Recommendations (server)

Here's my setup, which works for 1-6 players:

  • CPU: Intel Xeon, 4GHz, 4 threads
  • RAM: 12G, Java's min: 6G, Java's max: 10G

Known Issues

The list of incompatible things/bugs. Will be added and processed in time.

  • [conflict] Aquaculture 2 <-> Medieval Craft - unable to craft the iron fillet knife because of the katana recipe - could be possibly solved by Farmer's Delight Compats


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