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Adds lances and jousting mechanics!






Join the discord! https://discord.gg/4v8W9tM


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 - 6 lances (Netherite included, 1.16.4 only) 

 - Each lance has a weight and attack value

 - Hold right click while on a horse to charge with your lance - this will slowly accelerate your speed to a max limit, at which point you will be forced to slow down. How long you can charge for is dependent on the weight of the lance. Heavier lances are much more difficult to time properly, but have a better chance of unseating the opponent.

 - When charging, will damage and knockback opponents you collide with

 - Will automatically dismount other opponents (if they have no lance, or have been forced to stop charging due to the heaviness of their lance)

 - When charging an opponent who is also charging, a "joust" will occur, and only one of the two jousters will be dismounted, depending on their speed, the weight of their lance, and the attack damage of their lance.

 - When charging an opponent with a shield, your lance will take significant durability damage.


Thanks to @qsefthuopq#6643 (Discord) for the Chinese translation!

Thanks to @gost#0198 (Discord) for the Russian translation!

Thanks to @dong1692 (Twitter) for the Japanese translation!

Thanks to @Geno#5185 (Discord) for the Brazilian Portuguese translation!

Thanks to @red1854th#5375 (Discord) for the Korean translation!