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The Kingdom of Daldar - Forge Labs

Welcome... to the kingdom of Daldar! How long can you survive these dangerous medieval lands, where threats lurk at ever corner? 

The Kingdom of Daldar is a survival based modpack where players are put into a medieval world full ripe for exploration and challenges. 

Face off against deadly creatures such as:
- Hydras, 
- Crocodiles,
- Dragons, 
- Snapping Turtles, 
- Sea Serpents, 
- Cyclops, 

Explore forgotten lands and dive deep into dangerous dungeons that can be found all across the expansive world. 

Find and equip powerful weapons' and armor. 

The modpack seen in "I Survived 100 Days in Medieval Minecraft by Forge Labs! - I tried to include as many medieval/fantasy mods as possible - and focus on player exploration and survival. There's a lot of cool mobs, and boss mobs to try and take on. See how long you can survive!