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World of Dragons Potato (Lite)


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Discontinued as are the servers.


A world of technology and magic is before you. You must master the dragons, using any combination of technology and magi. Aiding in your quest there are special armors that you can craft from the corpses of the dragons you kill. You will encounter villages with a questing shopkeeper and village lords that have special needs. Each have good rewards should you appease them.


Ram: 3.5GB Recommended 

What's Heck?

What did I rip out you might ask? I ripped out all the stuff that 1.7.10 fanatics asked for! This pack would be so awesome if you added Ender-IO for instance! Got rid of that. 


Or, You should really add Tinkers! I love that mod! It's gone too! This pack is about dragons, not how fast you can mine ore!


I'm responsible for this one Minecolonies! Gone!


Twilight Forest! Hunting Dimension! Bye, bye!


All of those and so much more just ruins the game play for a computer made out of vegetables and starchy roots. The Pack is about dragons and questing!


The Lite version of the pack is a subset of the mother pack World of Dragons, therefore your friends, enemies, frenemies, and family who have the awesome computers can still play with you, even tho you can't with them.


  • Dragons
  • Cyclops
  • Merfolk
  • Anatomically Correct Animals, Cyclops don't want to eat it if he is not sure if it is GMO or not.
  • Quests, all kinds of random and deliberate quests
  • Chunk claiming
  • Teams


No need to ask, just do and then send me the link so I can feature it for free!



It's the 1.12.2 wiki, and it applies here as well.


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