Lingering Loot

355,366 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 13, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Lingering Loot version 4 will blow your mind!

*requires forgelin.


Lingering Loot is a mod about customizing those spinning dropped items.  Originally created to raise the standard 5 minute despawn timer, it is turning into a multitool for modpack customization.

Beta 4.3 update:

  • Fix edge case crash bug
  • Comparisons: Multiply light value by 16 so it more closely resembles integer light levels
  • Comparisons: Add variables for despawn timer and pickup delay (as in, what the values are before rules execution)
  • Use the above to generate a default rules file that avoids touching items with non-vanilla-default timer or delay (note: won't affect people upgrading from 4.x unless you delete or move and regenerate lingeringloot.rules)  The guard is part of the rules configuration and can be used or discarded as desired
  • Also added a guard to avoid items that are seen at an unexpected tick in their life, to avoid potential bugs
  • Improve handling of fakeplayer for hardcore despawn handler (ok I'll come clean, I was just doing it totally wrong and it was embarrassing)
  • It is recommended to regenerate lingeringloot.rules for the updated documentation, and then copy back your modified configs if needed.  Sorry for the turmoil in beta, hopefully I stop thinking of features to cram in.

Version 4.x features:

  • Full-on rules based configuration... make all the custom rules you want based on combining different predicates!
  • Rules can be conditioned on item names, oredict, mod of origin, and as always, how the item was dropped
  • Rules can be conditioned on arbitrarily nested boolean logic (using tags)
  • Rules can individually set despawn time, pickup delay, and despawn handler behavior (only hardcore handler for now, but more to come!)
  • Rules can convert items!  This feature was conceived to allow ore deduplication at the time of mining, but you can perform any conversions you want.
  • Helpful syntax errors with line numbers
  • Your existing lingering loot 3.x config will be automatically migrated when creating a fresh rules file!
  • Reload rules at runtime with /llreload any time!

Version 3.x features:

  • wiggly animation when items are about to despawn (if mod is present on the client)
  • configurable timer for creative mode item tosses and /give command
  • tweak pickup delay for mined blocks

Anti-feature: Lingering Loot Hardcore Mode!

  • dropped items do various actions when despawning... blocks place themselves, throwables throw themselves, and more!
  • turned off by default because it is not reasonable
  • death by infinite chickens is optional
  • best used with lowered despawn timers, instead of raised


Tell me what sorts of predicates and effects (including despawn handlers) you'd like to see added!  If you're a developer and want to try writing your own item despawn handler for inclusion in Lingering Loot, consider this an open invitation.  Get in touch!  I'm capitalthree on espernet.  I'm open to suggestions, and I'm very open to explaining my code to anyone who wants to get involved.  If you've ever wanted to make certain items do certain things instead of despawning, but don't feel like writing an entire mod, adding a despawn handler into this mod will give you an extremely convenient and flexible way to achieve that goal.  This is a mod from a modpacker for modpackers and anyone else who wants more customization power.



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