What's it do?
Reliquary adds an assortment of magical items to Minecraft. There's too many to name outright, but here's some major ones:

  • A staff that stores torches in itself, to save space, and can place them over long distances.
  • A medallion that stores experience for you like a bank.
  • A potion that spares you from death (and shatters) if you die with one in your inventory.
  • Various items that absorb damage in exchange for hunger.
  • A lantern that automatically places torches where the light dips below safe levels.
  • An.. eyeball.. that extinguishes flames and reflects the various fireballs Nether enemies hurl at you.
  • A coin that teleports items and experience to you over greater distances than normal.
  • Crystals that store a specific kind of block or item (infinitely), like portable barrels.

There's actually quite a few things I didn't bother to list, but you get the idea. These items of power aren't always tremendously powerful on their own, but each one gives you an ability that makes some part of your Minecraft life easier. Feel free to check the (slightly incomplete) guide. I'll be working on it as items get added/finalized.

I'm almost always trying to think of new ideas and adding content. As a joke, we've always referred to the mod as "magical swag". The truth is, that's pretty close to the mark.