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Better Questing - Quest Book


This mod adds a quest book to Funwayguy's Better Questing Mod.  I found I needed it due to the large number of keybinds being used in my Mod Pack and no item to reach the questing guide easily.


  • 3.1.1-1.12
    • Fixed issue referencing deprecated GUI Bookmarks 
    • Minimum version of Better Questing is 3.5.242
  •  3.1.0-1.12
    • Added support for Better Questing 3
    • Minimum version of Better Questing is 3.5.238
    • Fixed issues with assets due to upgrade to 1.12.2 Forge
    • Loosing support for 1.12.1
  •  3.0.1-1.12
    • Fixed issue with dual wielding questbooks
    • Verified mod works with 1.12.1 & 1.12.2 and will tag as such
    • NOTE: This is a temporary release until QuestBook update for Better Questing 3 is ready
  •  3.0.0-1.12
    • Refactored code to align with 1.12 coding standards
    • Updated to Forge 1.12.1-
    • Updated to Better Questing Core 2.5.236
    • Bumped major version due to refactor of code
    • Note This is a temporary release until Better Questing 3 comes out
  •  2.1.0-1.10
    • Wrapped QuestBook onRightClick method with isRemote to prevent double opening of Quest panel. Should address Issue #14.
    • Updated QuestBook image with texture provided by KitKat573. Set QuestBook model to use item as parent instead of builtin. Addresses Issue #5
    • Increased minor version as all tasks for 2.1 on the Roadmap are complete
  • 2.1.0-1.7.10
    • Updated QuestBook image with one provided by KitKat573. Closes Issue #5.
    • Ran source code through formatter and cleanup checker in Eclipse to meet Java standards.
    • Applied fix to onItemRightClick that was applied to 1.10.2 verison. Related to Issue #14.
    • Updated version to 2.1.0-1.7.10 now that image has been updated.
  • 2.0.0-1.10
    • Initial Update to 1.10
    • Added texture file support for Minecraft 1.8+
    • Updated minimum requirement for Better Questing to 2.3.195
    • Refactored naming of QuestBook item to ItemQuestBook for uniformity
    • Moved Texture load logic to ClientProxy and created client specific method so mod will load server side
    • Covers the 1.10.2 side of Issue #11 and closes it out.
  • 2.0.0-1.7.10
    • Updated QuestBook system to use Bookmark system and 2.x API.
    • Now requires a minimum of Better Questing 2.0.190.
    • Split versioning to show Minecraft version since 1.10.2 version is also being released.
  • 1.2.0
    • Code Cleanup
    • Removed Excess Textures
    • Verified Code worked with latest 1.x version of Better Questing (1.0.173)
  • 1.1.0
    • Add a config file to disable quest and party notifications 
    • Abstract Logger into it's own package
    • Add config option to spawn with new player


  • 2.2.x-1.7.10/-1.10
    • Quest completion notifications, book will take on the enchanted effect when you complete a quest
    • Party invite notification, book will take on the enchanted effect when you get a party invite
    • Basic Unit Tests (Coverage 50%)
    • Fix for Dual Wielding Quest Books (Issue #15)
  • TBD
    • Version Checker
    • Continuous Integration
    • Unit Tests (Coverage 80%)
    • Integration Tests


Of course you can use it in your mod packs!