Corail Pillar

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Add 2 kinds of rounded pillar shaped and extensible blocks that perfectly fit to vanilla textures (or your texture pack) using mainly rock and wood blocks (and some fancy in bonus).

This mod is light weight, doesn't use TileEntity and contains 126 kind of Pillar : stone, granite, diorite, andesite, cobblestone, sandstone, brick, stonebrick, purpur, iron, gold, bone,... (including their variants) and support Chisel Mod (in release 3.0.0+ & MC1.10+).

Feel free to contact me to correct any problems or for ideas or mod compatibility. The mod requires forge.

The license of this mod is all Rights Reserved
You can use it for your personal/server use, or for modpack
but this doesn't allow you to share the files


There're extensions for this mod to handle blocks of others mods, and just use what you really need :

QUARK & BOTANIA : [updated to 1.14.4]

BOP : [updated to 1.15.1]




1.14.2 version is out.

The Recipes

The thin pillar recipe is a vertical line of 3 blocks, in the middle of the crafting box.
The middle ingredient is a clay ball (it's a shaped recipe !)
NB : before 3.2.0, the recipe was 3 similar blocks, in the middle of the crafting box

The full pillar recipe is a shapeless recipe of 2 thin pillars (and is reversible)


Corail Pillar Spotlight (by Guartinajo)

Screenshot with texture pack Glimmar's Steampunk

Torch/ladder on side (version 1.1.0+)

Special thanks

@Mr_crayfish : the model has been partially done with MrCrayfish's Model Creator


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