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Links for 1.12.2


Add 2 kinds of rounded pillar shaped and extensible blocks that perfectly fit to vanilla textures (or your texture pack) using mainly rock and wood blocks (and some fancy in bonus).
As a precision, this mod was mainly done for the 1.12.2 version, containing lots of variants in the extensions (see below), and newer versions mainly support the vanilla blocks.

The Recipes

The thin pillar recipe is a vertical line of 3 blocks, in the middle of the crafting box.
The middle ingredient is a clay ball (it's a shaped recipe !)
NB : before 3.2.0, the recipe was 3 similar blocks, in the middle of the crafting box

The full pillar recipe is a shapeless recipe of 2 thin pillars (and is reversible)

Corail Pillar : recipe for normal pillar  Corail Pillar : recipe for thin pillar

rounded pillar in minecraft : Corail Pillar
   Corail Pillar : torches and ladder on side

Extensions 1.12.2

There're extensions adding lots of variant of pillars but there're mainly done for the 1.8.9-1.12.2 versions (over 1000 kinds of pillar).


Glimmar's Steampunk pillar   Corail Pillar mod for minecraft