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MemoryTester is still under development. If you have any recommendations or issues, let us know in issue tracker!


MemoryTester is a tool that allow modpack creators to force or prompt their users to use a certain amount of memory before launching the game.


The config files will generate after the first run and will be located in config/MemoryTester.


General Config :
-RecommendedMemoryAllocation : This is the minimum allocation that the user will have to allocate...or the mod will prompt him to allocate more.

-UseMenuGui : Setting this to false will make it so the mod doesn't start the interface if the memory allocated is enough. It will directly skip to the game.

UseForceCrashGui : If this is true, instead of prompting the user to allocate more, it will NOT let the user join the game if not enough is allocated. It will crash the game and display the ForceCrash GUI.


Menu Config allows you to change the displayed text in the Menu interface.


For ForceCrash Config, you can change the display message and lines of the crashing GUI. Note that this interface only shows up when UseForceCrashGui(in General Config) is equal to true.



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