Era do Futuro 2022

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"Era do Futuro" ("Future Age" in a literal translation) was a famous modpack in Brasil, but it was in a older version of minecraft, and became kinda of unplayable for current days. So, I made a port from the original idea and feeling, to a newer minecraft version...


Now with the new version of the already existing type of modpack, this is even more coolest and "modern", why I'm saying this? Because many of the old mods, don't exists today, so I needed to seach more in the styles and lists to get it how it is right now.



  • Tons of Biomes with: Biomes O'Plenty, Oh The Biomes You'll Go and Traverse.
  • A lot of structures and dungeons with: Dungeon CrawlDungeons EnhancedValhelsia StructuresRepurposed StructuresYUNG's Better DungeonsYUNG's Better Strongholds and The Graveyard.
  • Aswell with some dimensions: The Twilight ForestAtum 2: Return of the Sands and Beyond Earth.
  • Building options with: 'Dustrial DecorBuilders Crafts & Additions and Chipped.
  • Some mobs and animals with: Alex's MobsMutant Beasts and Mutant More.
    • Items options and around the world: Artifacts and Tinkers' Construct.
    • Aswell with good tech mods: RFToolsThermal SeriesMekanism (+Generators, Tools and Additions)Applied Energistics 2XNetFlux Networks and Ranged Pumps.
    • Even some mods to improve specifics parts of the game: Iron ChestsStorage DrawersSophisticated BackpacksEnder StoragePipezBetterFurnaces ReforgedTorchmasterElevatorsBuilding GadgetsEnchanting InfuserWaystoneComfortsPotions Master and Supplementaries.
    • Some mods to improve the multiplayer experience (or something in that way): HatsLootrIncapatated and Gravestone.
    • Can't miss Client mods to help throug the play: Just Enough ItemsFTB ChunksThe One Probe and Inventory Tweaks Renewed.
    • And some aethetic will help too: Legendary TooltipsAdvancement PlaquesBackToolsNot Enough Animations and Skin Layers 3D.


Creating and Playing on a Server

The pack counts too with a Server Friendly Version, wich some mods have been removed from to client and the server to be more optimized.

When instaling the pack, go in the Versions option and install the version with Server Friendly in it.

This version now counts with the following mods being removed: Alex's Mobs, Beyond EarthDungeons EnhancedThe Graveyard and Traverse Reforged.

Click here to download the server files.


Presentation of the Pack

A video made by me to show the pack (it is in portuguese).


Want to play the pack with friends? Bisect Hosting is the best option for that.

Click on the image above, and buy a plan using the code: Barao, and get 25% off on the first month. (I recommend at least 5GB of RAM to don't struggle playing this pack)




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