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This mod adds a new tier of potions : OreSight, each potion will allow you to gain a brief period of xray vision for that specific ore. Comes with Regular, Splash and Lingering variants.

Currently supports Vanilla ores(Coal, Iron, Redstone, Lapis, Gold, Diamond, Emerald,Nether Quartz)

Modded Support: Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Uranium, Zinc ( Osmium,Crimson Iron,Bismuth,Platinum,1.15.1+))

This mod should work with any mod which provides these ores and registers the correct Forge Tag.


first craft a pestle, JEI/JER for the recipe

craft a mortar, JEI/JER for the recipe

recipes for the dusts are in JEI


Craft the ingot(or redstone powder/diamond gem or emerald gem) for your desired potion with a pestle  and mortar in the crafting table to receive the powder. OR

place the mortar in the world and holding an ingot/gem/coal/redstone/lapis etc in your offhand and pestle in your main hand,. right click the mortar to get your dust

smelt the dust in a furnace to receive Calcinated <OreType> Powder


brew that powder with 3 mundane potions to get your OreSight Potions.


The recipes for the powders, pestle and the brewing recipes can be found via your favorite recipe mod(JEI/JER whatever)


tested vs ATM4 modpack, supports previously mentioned Ore Variants included in that pack.(Silents Mechanisms, Tinkers Mechworks,, MysticalWorlds, Blue Power)

Also Supports UsefulResources where applicable


Also adds 3 new items(which stack to 16) to remove certain negative status effects:


Bezoars: Dropped from Sheep, Cures Poison when consumed

Polar Bear Gall Bladders: Dropped from Polar Bears, Cures Mining Fatigue

Activated Charcoal: Smelt Charcoal Powder(recipes in your favorite Recipe Viewer) and consume it to remove the Wither effect


version 0.1.0 +  new mechanic: Mixing Potions! place the Cauldron on top of a campfire, right click the cauldron with any 2 potions, and one glowstone. light the campfire if it is not already lit. wait until the mixture reduces in size, then right click the top of the cauldron with an empty bottle. the resulting potion can be put back in to combine with other potions.

 Right clicking the cauldron with an empty hand will clear its contents and reset it. USE CAUTION

Additional potion effects are being worked on as well.


 Invisibility and Long Invisibility potions no longer create particle effects, now you are truly invisible


This mod will not be supported on 1.12 or earlier, sorry. expect it to be quite buggy, however it should not corrupt any worlds.


 Feel free to use this mod in any modpacks you like, it is required on both client and server



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