World Pre Generator

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This Mod can pre generate the Minecraft dimensions per command.
The Mod is only needed on the server side, but can also be used on the client side.


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Support: Supported Minecraft Versions
New Development and Fixes: 1.19.2
Bug Fixes: 1.18.2
Critical Bug Fixes: 1.17.1, 1.19-1.19.1
End of Support: 1.14.X-1.16.X, 1.18-1.18.1


The pre generation tasks are executed one after the other.
The pre generations is continued after restarts.
Chunks already generated are skipped on pre-generation.
If you run parallel pre generation, you should set "max-tick-time" in the ""-file to -1 to prevent crashes, because the tick time gets to long.
If you run parallel pre generation and get exception spams in the server log, you should restart the pre generation with a lower parallelization.

Server Config

The config file can be found in the "serverconfig" folder in the "world" folder and is named "world_pre_generator-server.toml".

- send_feedback
  Shall a pregeneration feedback send to all online players?
- delays
  Delays of the print and save tasks
  - print
    Time between 2 status prints
  - save
    Time between 2 saving events
- parallel
  Parameters for the parallel generation of several chunks
  - enabled
    Should the chunks be generated in parallel?
  - count
    How many chunk generation shall run in parallel?
    If the value is "0", the number of processor cores is used.


- /pregen list
  Lists all running pre generation tasks.

- /pregen gen <dimension> start <center> <radius> [<force>]
  Creates a pre generation task with the specified centre, radius and dimension.
  Optional, the force flag (true, false) can be set. If it is set to true, all chunks are loaded. If it is set to false, already generated chunks are skipped. If the force flag is absent, it is set to false.
  The centre is the position of a chunk.
  To generate for example a 4000x4000 Blocks Area with the centre in the middle of the overworld the command is:
  /pregen gen minecraft:overworld start 0 0 125

- /pregen gen <dimension> resume
  Resumes the pre generation task of the dimension.

- /pregen gen <dimension> pause
  Pauses the pre generation task of the dimension.

- /pregen gen <dimension> cancel
  Cancels the pre generation task of the dimension.

- /pregen clear
  Cancels all pre generation tasks.

- /pregen sendFeedback
  Shows, if the progression feedback is enabled or disabled.

- /pregen sendFeedback <isFeedbackEnabled>
  Enables or disables progression feedback depending on isFeedbackEnabled. Generation start and finish feedback are not affected of that.

Progression State

The progress state computed is in chunks.
You get the following information in the generation messages: "A B/C (D%) E chunks/s"
- Dimension (A)
- Chunk generated (B)
- Total chunks to generate (C)
- Percentage of chunks for which generation is finished (D)
- Rate of Chunks per second generated between this and the last message (E)

The mod is only available for version 1.14.4 and subsequent versions and is not expected to be back ported.
Thanks for the logo to Muse31.
You can use this mod in non-commercial modpacks without asking.
You can find more mods from me here.

This is a Forge mod only. There will be no Fabric version. It will not be backported.


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