This mod adds minerals and exploits unused things to make varied content. This is a remake of my first mods and I hope you will like it, This mod was created with the Mcreator tool.

Like most mods, the one adds new ore, these minerals allow the player who plays in peaceful to obtain certain resources, but also to add new minerals which allow you to craft new things. It also adds 6 monsters and 2 new  biomes.

 Do not hesitate to install JEI for the crafting of items

 I'm French and this mod was done with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅) 


Here are the armors that the mod adds, they have different ability, some can give you immunity to certain potion effect, the abilities are indicated under the armor in game.


Here are the minerals that are generated in the Overworld (Bone Ore, Enderpearl Ore, Gunpowder Ore, Iridite Ore, Kuko Ore, Gold Terracotta Ore and Frozen Quartz Ore) :
Here are the minerals that are generated in the Nether (Nether Coal Ore, Nether Iron Ore, Nether Redstone Ore, Nether Gold Ore, Nether Emerald Ore, Nether Diamond Ore, Venomite Ore) :

Iridite : 1-8
Kuko : 1-4
Endium : 1-126
Venomite : 120-126 (Fix in 0.1.8)

Here are the mineral that is generated in the End (Endium Ore) :


As you can see, the mod adds 4 independent minerals: kuko, iridite, venomite and endium, and which are not used for the moment, to make armor and tools


And 3 new enchantments :

Digging : Its combines with Extratools, it allows mining in 3x3

Meteorological Absorption : Its combines with Iridium armor, it allows to have beneficial effects when there is bad weather
Ender Phasing : Its combines with Enderite armor, it allows you to freeze if you sneak (thus to be immune to knockback) but in return, make you vulnerable to water.


Here is the Lava Moloss (Spawn in Nether Wastes and can be breed with blaze rod block) the Soulander (Spawn in Nether Wastes, Soul Sand Valley and Crimson Forest), the Terracotta Coloss (Spawn in Mesa or Badlands) the Drowned Creeper (Spawn in Warm Ocean), the Wandering Soul (Spawn in Snowy Tundra and Soul Sand Valley), and the Sand Catcher (Spawn in Desert and Beach and can get some quick sand bottle


Organics adds two new biomes, the Stone Forest and the Hoaky Forest :


There are fruit bushes which are available in the mod:


Here are the Furtos, they are creatures which roam in certain biomes, they are passive and do not have much use but they have rather nice loots!





You can put Organics in your modpack


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