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This pack is designed to enhance the vanilla Minecraft experience, while keeping the vanilla "feel". The mods are configured to make them all relevant, and to avoid gear overlap.


Vanilla Enhancements:

  • Dungeons, mine shafts, stronghold, nether fortresses, desert temples, and ocean monuments ("YUNG's Better..." mods)
  • New building blocks. Tried to go for quality over quantity.
  • Tweaks to some vanilla systems that were kind of annoying (Dye any wool, charcoal to black dye, horses can swim etc)
  • More fish, and fishing rewards (Aquaculture 2)
  • More crops and cooking recipes, but not too many (Farmers Delight)
  • Sleep without setting spawn (Comforts)


New Additions:

  • Amazing structures spread out throughout the world, to loot and explore (Integrated Dungeons and Structures)
  • Create Mod + Create Goggles + Create Stuff and Additions + Create Chunkloading
  • Upgradable backpack system (Sophisticated Backpacks)
  • Job system (Jobs+)
  • Waystones
  • Shared/Regenerating loot from generated structures (Lootr)
  • Crabs.
  • Warden loot, and "The Otherside" dimension (Deep and Darker)
  • Eating certain mob drops give potion effects (Edibles)
  • Cosmetic Armor slots (Cosmetic Armor)
  • Mighty Mobs. Rare spawn, tougher mobs with better loot  (V-Tweaks)


And many more changes listed below:


Quark Changes:

- Chest, book shelves, furnace appearances change depending on crafting material.
- Shear the end of vines to prevent them from growing
- Rope, can be used like a ladder. Right click with rope to lower (reverse scaffolding)
- Raw ore block can be crafted into bricks, bricks function the same raw ore blocks
- Brick, Chiseled Brick, and Pillar variants are available for all types of stone added by vanilla and Quark.
- More potted plants

- New mud building blocks, this includes Mud Brick Lattice, Mud Brick Pillar and Carved Mud Brick.
- Japanese palette blocks

-  Industrial palette blocks using Iron

- Hollow logs. Sneak beside to climb inside. Can climb vertically like a ladder

- Hedges. Leaves that function like walls/fences
- Grate block. Items can fall through, animals without a lead won't walk over.
- Gold bars. Iron bars, but gold
- Glass Item Frame. Item frame has no background when an item is placed in it.
- Framed Glass. Fancy glass.
- Bamboo building blocks from 1.20


- Torch arrow. Crafted using a torch and arrow. Places torch where it hits.
- Coloured Runes. Dye enchanted items using a blank rune + dye. Use blank rune + black dye to remove.

- Beacon beam redirection at 90 degree angles using amethyst. The beam must be pointing towards sky at final redirection. Tinted glass dims the beacon beam. 
- Ambient music discs (Water Droplets, Ocean Waves, Rainy Mood, Heavy Wind, Soothing Cinders, Tick-Tock, Cricket Song, and Packed Venue) drop when a skeleton kills a spider.


- Sponge can be placed directly onto water
- Snow golem player heads. Named Snow Golems equipped with a Pumpkin will drop a player head with the same name as the name tag, if killed by a Witch. Not limited to players on server.
- Dye any coloured wool any colour.
- Turn coral into dye
- Compostable rotten flesh and rotten potatoes
- Charcoal crafts into black dye
- Combine slabs back into blocks using crafting grid/table.
- Horses can swim
- Player emotes

- Dyeable item frame backgrounds
- Add weapons to armor stands


- Nether obsidian spikes spawn. Tall ones have a loot chest, watch out for the blaze spawner.
- Moster boxes randomly spawn in caves. Monsters spawn with increased loot.
- Fairy rings of flowers mark diamond/emerald ore deep under ground.
- Blossom tress, new wood type
- Ancient wood. Saplings found in ancient cities. Tress drop xp apples.


- Crabs.


- Minecart rails placed on wool make less noise.
- Random Animal skins (including rare shiny ones)
- Useful curses. Pumpkin + Curse of Vanishing hides the pumpkin overlay. Player head + curse of binding placed on an armor stand will show the entire player model.
- Usage ticker. Lower left of item bar will show how many of the currently held item you have in total.
- Improved tooltips.
- Chest search bar
- Elytra indicator


Game nerfs
- Villagers discounts no longer reduce when cured.


Other Changes:

Desert Temples:
- Vanilla temples are enabled.
- Upgraded ones are full of puzzles, and cannot be cheesed (mining fatigue is applied until the temple is cleared)


Ocean monuments:
- Vanilla temples are enabled.


Nether Fortresses:
- Vanilla Fortresses are enabled.
- Upgraded ones function the same as regular ones (blaze spawners, wither skeles), but look different, and are almost 100% outside in the open. The large castle part is full of loot and mobs.


Deeper Dark:
- Enhanced warden loot. Otherside dimension. See for information.


- You can consume items for short term (15 seconds) beneficial effects:
- Glowstone = entity glowing, blaze powder = strength, magma cream = fire resist, sugar = speed, ghast tear = regeneration, phantom membrane = slow fall, rabbits foot = jump boost


Sophisticated Backpacks:
- Default Keybind: B
- All mobs have a chance to spawn with a backpack. Killing them has a chance to drop the backpack, drop chance increased by looting enchant. Backpacks also can spawn in world chests.
- Carrying more than 1 backpack will result in slowness, increasing with each backpack in inventory.
- You must be wearing the backpack for upgrade slots to trigger

- Some enhancements are disabled (mainly the stacking one, since it doesn't feel very vanilla to have 1000 stacks of items)
- Backpack Levels:
  - Default: 18 slots, 1 upgrade slot
  - Iron: 27 slots, 1 upgrade slot
  - Gold: 36 slots, 1 upgrade slot
  - Diamond: 45 slots, 1 upgrade slot
  - Netherite: 54 slots, 2 upgrade slots


- Craft a sleeping bag to sleep without resetting your spawn.
- 10% chance for the sleeping bag to break on use.


Login Protection:
- You are protected for 25s during login, dimension changes, and respawns. Moving will cancel this effect.


- World chests regenerate loot over time. If you find something you think has already been explored, check it for respawned loot



- Toss concrete powder blocks into liquid to convert them to concrete blocks
- Feather falling IV prevents fall damage, but redirects the fall damage to item durability
- Challenger mobs. Harder mobs with random attributes
- Right click crops to harvest them


- Shorter teleports cost more xp
- You cannot teleport leashed entities with you
- Only placed waystones can be renamed
- Waystones are not silk touchable

- You can craft waystones
- You cannot teleports between dimensions

- Waystones only spawn naturally in the overworld. Bring (craft) your own to those other dimensions.


Currently there are no biome mods, but I may add one in the future. It is recommended to set a world border, if you don't want to have to travel far to get to the new biomes.


Included Mods:





Included Datapacks: - Modified to remove Quark chest loot, and increase structure spread - Graves and Multiplayer Sleep