ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village

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Welcome to ChoiceTheorem's overhauled village!

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ChoiceTheorem's overhauled village is a structure datapack package as a mod for forge and fabric that enhances and creates new villages and pillager outpost variants. This pack adds 20 village variants and pillager outpost variants that perfectly fit into your Minecraft worlds. The existing villages are rebuilt from the ground up and each biome type can generate two types of structures. In total, there are 23 village variants and 14 pillager outpost variants tailored to suit the terrain, theme and biomes.

There will be no backporting beyond 1.18.2 for the mod version and 1.17 for the datapack version. DO NOT ASK because it will be ignored and your comment removed.

FAQ section is there for a reason. Read it before asking in the comment.



These are just some of the most asked questions I’ve had from people, but if you have any more, please leave a comment below and I’ll try to help you as best I can.

1. Is it safe to update CTOV to a newer version?
Yes. If any serious problems arise because of that, let me know.

2. Is it safe to add CTOV to an already existing world?
Yep. Just note that the new structures will only spawn in newly generated chunks.

3. Is this mod for Forge or Fabric/Quilt?
All of them. I have a universal version for three mod loaders.

4. How can I locate the new structures?
For 1.18.2: /locate ctov:[structure_from_list]
For 1.19+: /locate structure ctov:[structure_from_list]

5. Does CTOV existing vanilla structures?
The only structures modified by CTOV are all vanilla villages up until 3.0.1. From 3.1 onwards, no structure is modified.

6. What about the loot of these structures?
The vast majority of structures use vanilla loot tables for better mod compatibility (see the Compatibility section below for more info), but they also use some custom loot tables to better integrate said structures into the world. You will still find pillager outpost loot in pillager outposts, profession chests in villages, as well as bells, workstations, etc., but also new stuff like food, armour, and other goodies. and you can swap the config folder to adjust to the originally OP chest loot.

7. How can I report bugs/issues/suggestions?
Please go to my GitHub repo and make an issue there. A discord message will do.

8. Can I include CTOV in my modpack?
Sure, but make sure to give credit and a link to our page.


9. Can I have CTOV for 1.x.x, please?

Suppose it's lower than 1.18.2, no. Don't ask this question ever again. The technical limit is too high here.


10. Can I give Choicetheorem any kind of commission or support?

I can't take any commissions or monetary support due to a lack of time and mean to receive payments. 


11. Can I use it on Aternos or any 3rd party downloads?

Yes, but you can download it via Modrinth, not Curseforge.


12. Is this server-side or client-side mod?

CTOV is a server-side mod.




Some fantastic footage from the mod. All pictures are taken with complementary shaders or complementary reimagined shaders.

Jungle Pillager Outpost


Vichy0623 for codesigning the builds

Robified for converting this datapack into a mod. 

Compatible mods

Most world generation mods like Terralith, Oh Biome you'll go, Biomes O'plenty.

Farmer's delight with compatibility datapack is here

More Villagers with compatibility datapack here.

Various structure mods like Town&Tower and Repurposed structures.

Any other structure packs by ChoiceTheorem like Immersive structures.




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