Create Goggles (Create Plus)

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Adds Helmets with Create Mod Goggle Function and Vanilla Armorstats. If you want to wear a full netherite armor, but also want to see the goggle stats or use your backtank, this is the mod or you!

Tooltip information is only supported from 1.18+!

Now on Forge AND Fabric



Vanilla / Create Helmet + Goggles -> Goggle-Helmet

To remove the goggles just crush the helmet in a crusher (Enchantments will be lost)


Any Helmet + Goggles -> Same helmet but with NBT attached so it workes as a goggle helmet

To remove it combine the upgraded helmet with the Modifier Remover (Crafted like shears but with brass) in the Smithing table

Mod Compat:

Create (required):


  • Goggle Helmets
  • Armored Backtanks
  • Tooltips

Architectury (required) (0.5.4+)

Features: -

JEI is recommended but not required

Features: -

Curios Support (not required): (Forge only)


  • Added Goggle Slot (only below version 0.5.0)
  • Added Backtank Support (0.5.4+) (currently not working)

Mekanism Support (not required): (Forge only)


  • Goggle Unit (0.5.1+)

Credits: Furti_Two (Logo)

If you want to make your own goggle helmets for you own mod check out the github page for more information

No longer Support for Minecraft 1.14, 1.16 and 1.18-