Minecolonies Getting Started (MCGS)

62,945 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 14, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2  


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This is the pack being used on the Getting Started Let’s Play with Raycoms. You can play along with Raycoms the lead public facing developer of Minecolonies using the world seed 

Example Build

Your Beautiful Village


Main Mods

The pack features the latest version of Minecolonies and Tinkers Construct (if it is exists for current MINECRAFT VERSION).

Note: As of this writing Tinkers does not currently exist for 1.19.2 As soon as it does I will add it. But you don't need it. You have Create.


1.19.2 Mod List

  • Additional Structures(XxRexRaptorxX)
  • AmbientSounds 5(CreativeMD)
  • Amplified Nether(Starmute)
  • Architectury API (Fabric/Forge)(shedaniel)
  • Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded(Kreezxil)
  • Balm (Forge Edition)(BlayTheNinth)
  • Bamboo Everything (Forge/Fabric)(Gaz_)
  • Better Advancements(way2muchnoise)
  • Better Compatibility Checker(Gaz_)
  • Better With Minecolonies [Forge](Kreezxil)
  • BisectHosting Server Integration Menu [FORGE](BisectHosting)
  • BlockUI(H3lay)
  • Brick Hopper(thecech12)
  • Bridge Maker(GeheimagentNr1)
  • Building Gadgets(Direwolf20)
  • Ceiling Torch(bl4ckscor3)
  • Cloth Config API (Fabric/Forge)(shedaniel)
  • Clumps(Jaredlll08)
  • Collective (Forge)(Serilum)
  • Construction Wand(ThetaDev)
  • Controlling(Jaredlll08)
  • Crafting Tweaks(BlayTheNinth)
  • CraftingCraft(BlayTheNinth)
  • Create(simibubi)
  • CreativeCore(CreativeMD)
  • Cyclops Core(kroeser)
  • Decorative Blocks(stohun)
  • Desired Servers(Kreezxil)
  • Domum Ornamentum(OrionOnline)
  • Easier Sleeping(GeheimagentNr1)
  • Enhanced Farming(Mrbysco)
  • FTB Library (Forge)(FTB)
  • FTB Quests (Forge)(FTB)
  • FTB Teams (Forge)(FTB)
  • FTB Ultimine (Forge)(FTB)
  • FancyMenu [Forge](Keksuccino)
  • Fast Leaf Decay(olafskiii)
  • Forgotten Recipes - Sculk Sensor, Bundle, Leather and Powder Snow Recipe(Affehund)
  • Inventory Sorter(cpw)
  • Iron Chests(ProgWML6)
  • Iron Furnaces [FORGE](XenoMustache)
  • Item Filters(LatvianModder)
  • JourneyMap(techbrew)
  • Jump Over Fences(Kreezxil)
  • Jumpy Boats(LobsterJonn)
  • Just Enough Items (JEI)(mezz)
  • Konkrete [Forge](Keksuccino)
  • Light Overlay (Rift/Forge/Fabric)(shedaniel)
  • Lootr (Forge)(Noobanidus)
  • Macaw's Bridges(sketch_macaw)
  • Macaw's Fences and Walls(sketch_macaw)
  • MineColonies(H3lay)
  • More Ladders(Nibaru)
  • More Minecarts and Rails(goldey3)
  • Mouse Tweaks(YaLTeR)
  • Move Plus(Corosus)
  • Multi-Piston(H3lay)
  • My Server Is Compatible(Focamacho)
  • Rain Shield(Mrbysco)
  • Resourceful Tools [FORGE](kwpugh)
  • Shutup Experimental Settings!(Corgi_Taco)
  • Simple Diving Gear(Rohzek)
  • Simple Storage Network(Lothrazar)
  • Speed Building - Scaffolding behavior(Lothrazar)
  • Stronger Farmland(Lothrazar)
  • Structurize(H3lay)
  • Tool Belt(gigaherz)
  • Tree Harvester (Forge)(Serilum)
  • U Team Core(HyCraftHD)
  • Useful Backpacks(HyCraftHD)
  • Vanilla Plus Tools(H3lay)
  • WTHIT Forge Edition(badasintended)
  • Wooden Hopper(thecech12)
  • bad packets(badasintended)
  • mutil(mickelus)






Texture Packs

All 3 of the Taunoa resource packs at https://zaliku.jimdo.com/downloads/taunoa/, just scroll to the bottom to find them.


Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders at https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/1291396-1-6-4-1-13-2-sildurs-shaders-pc-mac-intel, we recommend the 1.18 High but you can pick w/e runs on your computer.


World Seed




No need to ask, just do it, but in the description link back to this pack.


Help a Veteran today

I am Veteran of United States Army. I am not legally disabled. But I do love to make these mods and modpacks for you guys. Please help me to help you by Donating at   .



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