Enhanced Farming

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Enhanced Farming is a revival of the old 1.6.2 mod "Better Farming" by iBlackShadow who hasn't been seen online after the end of 2014. I intend to implement the same content the original mod had and more additions in the future.


As of 1.1.0 I've created a Wiki that can be found at the top of the page or by clicking here: Wiki



Fruit Trees:

The fruit trees can be planted on dirt and grass, have 6 growing stages and when fully grown they can drop their fruit over time.

The trees can be found in their fitting biome.


The current types of fruit trees that can be found in the mod are: Apple, Lemon and Orange.

They can be found in forest biomes.



Currently the mod contains 2 crops: Mint, Nether Flower.


The Mint plant drops mint and has 6 stages, it can be planted on farmland.

The Nether Flower crop drops blaze powder and has 6 stages, it can only be planted on Soul Sand.



Rakes are similar to the hoe but can only be used on grass, when used on grass it turns it into dirt and has a chance of dropping seeds from vanilla and the mod. The better the rake the better the chance of getting seeds.




The mod currently adds the following foods:

Chocolate candy: heals 1 hunger,

Chocolate bar: heals 2 hunger,

Mint Chocolate bar: heals 2 health instead of hunger and stacks to a maximum of 16,


Cold Chocolate: heals 2 hunger,

Hot Chocolate: heals 3 hunger,

Hot Water: Is not drinkable but used to make tea,

Mint Tea: heals 4 health and stacks to a maximum of 16,


Lemon: heals 1 hunger,

Orange: heals 1 hunger,


Apple Juice: heals 2 hunger,

Lemonade: heals 3 hunger,

Orange Juice: heals 2 hunger,


Golden Lemon: heals 2 hunger and gives you Strength for 30 seconds,

Golden Orange: heals 2 hunger and gives you Water Breathing for 30 seconds.



The Scarecrow scares the animals in a 5 block radius (5 blocks to each side making it 11x11 if you count the middle)


Configuration Options:

bonemealGrow: If disabled can be used to disable the usage of bonemeal on the mods plants.
enableRake: The mods rakes can be disabled [if disabled the mods seeds will drop from grass instead].
Food stats: The amount of hunger (or health for the special foods) can be configured.
fruitToSeeds: Can be disabled to disable the fruit to seed recipes.
netherGen: Enables nether generation.
oldLeaveDecay: Enables the old mods leave decay. [leaves have a 1/3 chance of becoming a normal leave that wont drop fruit].
rakeDrops: In here drops from raking can be customized.
tooHot: If enabled causes hot drinks to hurt if held for a long amount of time.
treeDropRate: The fruit drop rate. [default: 20] (the higher the number the lower the chance of trees dropping fruit)
treeGen: Enables the tree generation in the world.


For issues go to our issues page: https://i.imgur.com/jih1vSb.png (It links to the github issues page)



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