Resourceful Tools [FORGE/NEOFORGE]

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Allows players to obtain useful resources with much greater ease.

Provides a variety of items and tweaks to make life in Minecraft a bit easier. Allows the player to get many mob drops without having to kill.

- (3) levels of compressed blocks for many of the common stones found while mining

- Custom iron and copper tools used to get version drops from vanilla blocks - see table below for details

- Adds a portable Trash Can item - items will be voided when the GUI closes

- Lavaspring block provides unlimited filling of buckets with lava

- Wellspring block provides unlimited filling of buckets with water

- Craft Gun Powder from Sulfur, Saltpeter, and Charcoal

- Craft Slimeballs from Honeycomb, Cactus Green, and Saltpeter OR obtain as drop from Rooted Dirt

- Make Leather by process Bamboo in multiple steps or smelting Rotten Flesh

- Rotten Flesh two way - furnace for Leather or Smoker for Jerky

- Dig up Clams on the beach and smoke them into a tasty treat

- Make Torches by lighting sticks on a campfire

- Use the Glass Placer tool to place glass (duh) in mid air

- Red and Brown Mushrooms can be crafted to/from blocks

- Craft (9) paper into a Ream of Paper for storage

- (2) blaze powder can be crafted into Blaze Rod

- Clay Blocks can be crafted into (9) Clay Balls

- Make stone tools with Diorite, Granite, and Andesite as well as Cobblestone

 Drop chances can be adjusted in the config file.


Lava Well and Water Spring provide and endless supply by bucket

Three levels of compressed Dirt, Gravel, Sand, Cobblestone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Netherrack, Deepslate, Tuff, and Basalt